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Here lies everything I have ever written. Enjoy!
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Fic: We'll relearn/learn it together.

Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: PG-13 (for some sexual references)

Warnings: Sexual References. A lot of nursing terms/medical terms, but I’ve been told it’s fairly easy to understand.

Word count: 4000 ish

Spoilers: None

Summary: Set in my Give Your Heart a Break ‘verse, in the future. I highly suggest reading that fic first before reading this. Blaine Anderson-Hummel, cardiology nurse, has just come back from his honeymoon and has realized how exhausting his job has become lately. Literally. With the encouragement of his husband, Dr. Kurt Anderson-Hummel, he decides to apply to become a clinical educator with the local nursing school. Fluff ensues.

Author’s Note: This takes place in the Give Your Heart a Break ‘verse, but in the future. I strongly recommend reading the other fics in that ‘verse before reading this. The title is taken from a blog post written by a preceptor (aka a nurse who oversees/teaches nursing students or new grads). This fic was basically written as a type of catharsis for me as I started it when I was getting ready for my last hospital placement in my third year of nursing school. I finished my placement, so therefore I finished this :) There’s a lot of nursing/medical language and it’s pretty much a mixture of how my 4 hospital placements started out but with fluffy Kurt and Blaine mixed in. This fic is nursing central, so just be mindful of that. What can I say, I love nursing!

It was nearing 3 o'clock in the morning and Blaine was trying really hard not to fall asleep on top of the piles of charts in front of him. He was working his first night shift since he had come back from his honeymoon and he felt absolutely slammed with work. He and Kurt had saved up their vacation time and they had three glorious weeks to themselves. The first week was the crazy week of the wedding. There was way too much going on to even try to enjoy the time off, but it was worth it. After the best day of their lives, Blaine and his new husband flew to the Dominican Republic, where they slept, ate, relaxed and had sex to their heart's content.

It was amazing. But now Blaine was right back to working several 12 hour shifts in a row, with almost a 5-6 patient load each time. He was grateful that he hadn't been scheduled any night shifts since he had returned because honestly, they were awful. There was always a lull after all assessments were completed, medications were given and charting was finished. There was only so much coffee a person could drink until it stopped working. Not to mention how awful it was to try to sleep in the middle of the day. No matter how tired you were, it was still difficult to sleep when the town was just waking up for the day. Day shifts weren't really any better, especially with the amount of workload the nurses were forced to have.

Blaine had been working as a cardiology nurse since he graduated college almost ten years ago. He had gotten a few pay raises in his time, but his job never changed. And honestly? After 2 weeks of pure relaxation, 3 weeks back to work was enough to realize how exhausted he was of his job. He loved being a nurse and he loved being able to see Kurt at work and getting to have lunch with him, if he wasn't in surgery. Kurt kept fairly good hours because the cardiology department kept a strict schedule with rotation and a lot of the surgeons liked to do their surgeries between 9am and 5pm, unless it was super complicated or an emergency case. More often than not Kurt was home when Blaine was finished his shift, which was honestly one of his favourite things in the world. There was nothing like coming home to your husband (husband! He still wasn't used to that!) who either had a homemade meal or takeout waiting for him to eat for dinner and a comforting hug and kiss when he walked in the door absolutely dead tired.

Yeah…he was just exhausted. He needed a change. One of his managers had actually suggested that Blaine apply to be a clinical educator for the nursing students at the local University and work part time on the floor before he had left for his wedding. He hadn't thought about it much at all during the week of the wedding and during the honeymoon, but since he had returned to work, he started to ask around a bit. A few senior nurses and a few recent hires on the floor had been clinical educators for the university. They had all told him that it was a nice change, especially he if started working less shifts on the floor. The money was good too and the only thing he would have to do on the side would be to read over reflections, medication profiles and pathophysiology write ups (which were super easy), get patient assignments and do the evaluations for the students.

He hadn't talked to Kurt about it yet, but now that's he's learned a little about it, he'll discuss it with him as soon as he can.

Or, he will if this night shift doesn't kill him first.

He had just closed his eyes for a few minutes when he felt a warm hand pressed against his shoulder, shaking him out of the sleepy haze he had drifted into.

"Hmmm…what?" he mumbled, blinking hard and yawning loudly. "Kurt? Is that you?"

Blaine rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes to see his husband dressed in Operating Room scrubs, a surgical scrub gown (worn as a coat) and the white surgical cap with black music notes on it that Blaine had bought for him.

"Hi sweetie. Tired?" Blaine nodded and yawned again. Kurt pulled over a chair and tugged Blaine over to cuddle with him. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's torso and tucked his face into Kurt's neck.

"Fuck, I'm so tired Kurt."

"Only a few more hours left, then you can go home and sleep."

"Mhmm…" Blaine mumbled sleepily. "Will I have a few hours with you when I get home, or no?"

"Well, I did just do a 6 hour emergency surgery so I think I might be granted some time to sleep in," said Kurt, laughing quietly. "I texted you to tell you that I was coming in but I guess you missed it."

"Really? Maybe you sent it to me when you were in a bad service area and it got eaten or something. I liked the surprise though. Thank you for coming to see me."

"It was my pleasure, sweetie." Kurt leaned in and kissed him softly.

"Mmm…while you're here, I want to talk to you about something that I've been thinking about since we got back from our honeymoon," said Blaine.

Blaine quickly explained the job he was looking into, and the requirements and how his manager and several other nurses on the floor encouraged it.

"I think you would be an amazing clinical educator Blaine. I think this is a great opportunity and you should definitely take advantage of it."

"It's not exactly a 9-5 kind of job, but at least I won't be totally burnt out at the end of the week, you know?"

"Oh god, yes. I still don't know how you've been working the same job in the same place for almost ten years. A lot of nurses would have been burnt out by then and moved on to something less stressful," said Kurt.

"I know! I'm surprised too. I love this job and I love the people who I work with. But coming back from a truly relaxing honeymoon made me realize how exhausting this job is. I don't necessarily want to leave but I want my workload to tone down a bit and I think this is a good way to do it. Of course I'd have to talk with my nurse manager about it, but I don't think I'll have a problem. Now, all I need to do is submit my application and resume to the university and hopefully get the job!"

"I think you're a shoe in, honey. Everyone will love you and you'll get hired on the spot!" Kurt kissed him on the cheek and nudged his cuddly husband off of his lap. "I need to go check on my patient in recovery and I'm going to head home. I'll see you in a few hours okay? I'll make sure the bed is nice and cozy for you."

"Thanks love, see you soon!"

Three Weeks Later

"Dr. Kurt Hummel."

Blaine loved calling Kurt on his cell phone when he was at work. He used his sexy, authoritative doctor voice because he knew it was the cardiology floor calling.

"Yes, Dr. Hummel? This is Blaine Anderson-Hummel calling about your patient Mr. John Doe? He's really constipated and I think he needs a laxative…"


"Yes, Dr. Hummel?"


Blaine burst out laughing; he couldn't fool his husband for a second.

"Oh come on Kurt! That could have been totally legitimate!"

"Yeah, sure, maybe if you didn't use your full name to introduce yourself and used a fake patient name, I would have believed you."

"Maybe I just like bragging that my last name is now Anderson-Hummel."

(Kurt had legally changed his last name to Anderson-Hummel as well, but he continued to go by Dr. Hummel at work, so no one would get confused).

"You're cute. Now what did you actually need my love?"

"I got an email from the university…"



"Oh, sweetie! I knew you would get it! Congratulations! I wish I could keep talking to you but I'm being paged. What time is your lunch at?"

"It's at 1pm."

"I'll meet you in the cafeteria okay?"

"Can't wait! Love you! Bye!"

Two Weeks Later

After several meetings with his manager, the person in charge of all of the clinical educators hired by the university and the professor who was leading the course that incorporated the placement, Blaine was pretty sure he was ready for the job.

Sam, one of the younger nurses on the floor, was also a clinical educator on the side. She was only able to get hired part time when she applied to work on the Cardiology floor, so she decided to look into being a clinical educator. She had pulled him away at lunch one day and gave him a piece of paper with a bunch of tips on it.

"You don't want to be super strict with the kids, especially when it's their first placement in the hospital. I learned it the hard way. No one was around to tell me all the little things you can do to make the experience better for you and the kids."

Blaine glanced at the page briefly. Number one on the list was, Don't be afraid to fudge the hours!

"Um…Sam. Can't you get in trouble for making up the hours?"

"Blaine! Sssshhh! Don't talk so loudly!"

"Sorry, Sam," he said sheepishly.

"It's an unspoken rule among clinical educators. Especially when you are working with second year students. They only get assigned one patient, right? Sometimes it can be incredibly dead around here, unless you ask the other nurses to save skills, like dressing changes, for the students to do. You might have days when you are super busy. But don't be afraid to send the kids home early if they are just standing around in the hall because all of their patients are independent and there are no skills for them to practice. Just don't tell anyone. Plus, if you think about it, the time the kids spend writing all of their assignments on the side and the time you spend marking them/reading them over, the time is basically made up."

"Have you ever done 12 hour shifts with your kids?" Blaine asked her.

"Only if they have 2 or more patients. But that only happens when they have more experience after being in previous rotations. I don't think you'll have too much of a problem of meeting the hours. Just have all of your shifts be 8 hours long, or at least 8 hours long on paper, and you'll be fine. They don't have many hours that are required in their very first rotation and it is fairly busy around here. Plus, the kids will be nervous and stressed because it's new to them, so it's nice to give them a little break."

"Great. Thanks for your help, Sam. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing and I definitely want the kids to like me, so anything helps."

"Aww, don't worry Blaine. The kids will love you," she said, giving Blaine a reassuring smile. "And one more thing. Ask Kurt if you can send a student to watch an open heart or a valve replacement or something. Or send them to see an angioplasty or angiogram. My clinical educator did that with our group and I'll never forget it. I do it for my kids too. It's an amazing experience."

"Will do. Thanks again, Sam!"

Before starting the placement at the hospital, the clinical educators and their groups of students were asked to meet at the School of Nursing for an orientation day. They would meet in the skills labs and rotate through different areas so the clinical educators could assess the skill level of their students. Then they would meet in one of the classrooms and go over the expectations of the students and educators as a large group. Later on they would all meet at Blaine would be meeting his group, which he was pretty excited about. The little contact he had had with his students had all been by email, so he was eager to start matching faces with the names on his list.

Blaine arrived at the School of Nursing a little early so he could talk to the professor in charge of clinical that semester, along with the other educators. He didn't really recognize anyone except for Sam, who would be teaching students on a general medical floor. He stuck by her as the professor went through a list of expectations and handed them important packages to help guide them through the clinical rotation. Soon enough, all of the students started walking through the doorway in the classroom where the orientation was being held. They were all wearing red scrub tops and black scrub pants. The students were required to wear the same uniform with the name of the school embroidered on the tops, so they could be easily picked out as nursing students in the hospital. Blaine was very thankful that he was no longer required to wear regulation scrubs and that he could wear whatever colour he liked.

The was only one other male clinical educator in the group so eventually his group of 6 students were standing in front of him nervously.

"Hi guys! I'm Blaine. It's so nice to see you all in person! Why don't you all introduce yourselves and we can head to the skills lab and work on some skills!" Blaine talked about his education and his work experience before encouraging the students to introduce themselves. Blaine's positive attitude and excitement seemed to work like magic on the nerves of the students because they all visibly relaxed and started introducing themselves to him one by one.

There was Anna, Kayli, Shane, Michael, Brianna and Emily. All of the girls seemed to know each other from living in the same dorm. Shane and Michael are roommates and best friends, as far as Blaine could tell. Everyone definitely had really different personalities, but they all seemed to mesh well when it came to working as a team to do skills, or to encourage and provide advice for another group member. Blaine was very surprised at how skilled his students were when performing clinical skills (setting up IV bags and tubing, dressing fake wounds, etc.) and they all seemed very intelligent. He knew his group would be strong when it came to actually practicing on the floor. They all seemed to like him, too, which was a good thing. When he sat down with the group to talk about expectations and the upcoming schedule, the kids seemed a little overwhelmed, but he managed to convince them that they would get through this rotation together.

After sitting through a boring presentation by the professor, Blaine met up with the students at the hospital. He showed them where the locker room & cafeteria was before heading to the cardiology unit. It was about 2pm when they actually arrived on the floor, so not much was happening. A lot of the nurses were sitting in the nursing station doing some charting and some were wandering from room to room checking on their patients. He lead them inside the nursing station and introduced them to the group of nurses and then lead them to the telemetry monitors, where he showed them how to print out EKG strips for their patients (which they were expected to do first thing in the morning). He showed them the racks where the charts were supposed to be put at all times and he showed them the ward clerk's desk, the kitchen and the tiny room they used to give report at shift change. They were just about to head to the main part of the floor when Kurt stepped off the elevator.

Blaine wasn't planning on saying hello to him while he was with his students, but as soon as Kurt saw him, he smiled widely, waved and walked right over to him. Blaine blushed a bit but smiled just as widely as Kurt approached the group. Kurt was wearing a crisp navy dress shirt with a patterned gray tie and pinstriped black slacks with shiny black dress shoes. He was wearing his white lab coat with the hospital name, his name and his qualifications embroidered on the breast with his sleek black stethoscope hanging around his neck.

"Hi Blaine!" he chimed, "Is this your group of students?"

"Yes it is! Everyone, this is Dr. Kurt Hummel. He's a cardiothoracic surgeon and he's on the floor pretty frequently to check up on his post-op patients. If you're lucky enough to have a chance to, Dr. Hummel is going to let you come and watch an open heart surgery," said Blaine, looking over at Kurt who was nodding in agreement.

The students started murmuring in excited voices with the mention of getting to watch a surgery.

"That's right! But I can't make promises. Things are always changing around here and you can't really guarantee anything," said Kurt seriously. "If you don't get the chance to see a surgery during your placement, Blaine and I can figure something out and hopefully get you in here when you have some free time. Watching a surgery is the chance of a lifetime, especially as nursing students."

"That's for sure," said Blaine. "Anyways, Dr. Hummel, it was nice seeing you. We were just about to go tour the rest of the floor."

"Oh okay! I'm going to go check on some patients. Have fun! I'm sure I'll be seeing you around quite a bit on the floor. Don't be afraid to come say hi," said Kurt, smiling at the students.

Blaine started walking away from Kurt, making sure the students were in front of him when he turned around and gave Kurt a cute little wave and a wink. Kurt blew a kiss at him before laughing a bit and turning away.

As he lead the group through the halls on the floor, he stopped and pointed out the clean utility room, where all of the supplies and equipment were, the pyxis room, where they had the pyxis machine, the fridge for insulin and other medications that needed to be refrigerated and IV bags, among other supplies.

"Now guys, I made you a little scavenger hunt with things you would find in the clean utility and pyxis rooms. There's so much stuff in here and even by the end of your placement here you still won't know where everything is! Trust me, it takes forever! But hopefully this scavenger hunt helps a bit," said Blaine. He took a few papers out of his bag and handed them out to the students. "I'll be around, but don't come ask me for help unless you really can't find something!"

The students went off to the clean utility room and Blaine hung back a bit, planning to go chat with one of his coworkers while the kids were doing the scavenger hunt.

The four girls in his group were walking together in front of him. "Dr. Hummel was so cute, wasn't he? I wouldn't mind if he was around all the time, that's for sure!" he overheard one of them say.

Blaine was glad he was walking behind the girls because he was blushing and grinning like a madman.

"Cute? Try drop dead sexy. If this was Grey's Anatomy, you can bet your ass I'd meet him in the on call room, if you catch my drift."

"I think he's married though, I saw a ring," said one of them.

"Boooo!" The girls chorused, bursting out in giggles.

Yes, he's married to me, Blaine thought. He's my husband. Blaine couldn't stop the pure happiness he was feeling from bubbling in his stomach. He sighed a little dreamily to himself and went to go talk to his coworker Nat to kill some time while the students completed the scavenger hunt.

Later on, after the students had finished the scavenger hunt, Blaine sat down with them and went through a chart so they would know what to look at tomorrow morning. He assigned them all a patient to care for tomorrow; he wanted to start off light for the first day so he didn't want them to stress out too much about giving medications, so they would do it next week.

"Okay guys, I think we're all finished for the day. I'll meet you here tomorrow at 7:30am, alright?"

The students said goodbye and all gathered at the elevators, waiting for the doors to open. Blaine was about to wait with them when he spotted Kurt standing at the ward clerk's desk. He walked over quickly and Kurt greeted him with a smile. Blaine leaned in and kissed him quickly, paying no attention to the group of students behind him.

A chorus of gasps and surprised giggles broke out behind him. Blaine spun around quickly, his cheeks flushing immediately.

Kurt was giggling in his ear and all of the members in the group were smiling and looked a little surprised, if not amused.

"Um yeah so….Dr. Hummel is my husband. Just so you know," said Blaine, shrugging his shoulders and laughing a little.

"And you weren't going to tell us?!" Kayli exclaimed.

"I was planning on it! I was trying to be professional and make a good impression. I didn't really know how you guys were going to react so I didn't really want to say anything…"

Kurt squeezed his shoulder and Blaine knew he understood what he meant.

"Well, don't worry Blaine. I think you guys are really cute," said Kayli. The rest of the group murmured their affirmations and Blaine smiled in relief.

"We are pretty cute, I have to agree," said Kurt with a wink.

Blaine laughed and shook his head at his husband.

Suddenly, a loud ding sounded out, signaling the arrival of the elevator.

"Go!" said Kurt, pushing Blaine lightly towards the elevator. "I'll see you at home in a few hours."

"Bye Kurt!" he called out. The seven of them shuffled into the elevator. As they travelled down to the main floor, Kayli said, "Nice catch Blaine! Kurt seems really great."

"He does!" the other girls chimed in.

"I'm so excited about getting to go see a surgery!" said Michael. "Me too!" said Shane. The rest of the group started chattering excited about the upcoming challenges the placement would bring as they continued going down.

This is going to be great.

Author's Note 2:

Damn, I wish Blaine was my clinical educator. Much like his students, I did have a placement on Cardiology, but in my third year instead of my second. I did get to go see some cool procedures and I learned a lot! I was pretty nervous to start my placement at the beginning of March, so I started writing this to help me feel less nervous. Then it sucked up all my time and I didn't get around to finishing it until the day after I finished my placement. Oh well! Many thanks to my lovely friend Sam, who is not a nurse, but got a special cameo because she cheered me on as I was writing and I appreciate it a lot and she's awesome and I love her. Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please send me a message here or on tumblr! Keep an eye on this 'verse. I might be writing more sooner or later.

Fic: Give Your Heart a Break

Author: truthaboutglee

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Medical jargon. A lot of it. Description of a code blue. OC character death. Swearing.

Word Count: 4200

Summary: Set in the same ‘verse as my ficlet, Night Shift. Blaine Anderson, cardiology nurse and Dr. Kurt Hummel, cardio-thoracic surgeon have become fast friends. A tragedy at work makes them realize that life is too short to just wait around for something to happen.

Author’s Note: Title taken from Demi Lovato’s song, “Give Your Heart a Break”. I highly highly suggest reading Night Shift before reading this, because it really sets up the ‘verse. If you don’t understand some of the medical jargon, please come ask me and I’ll help you with it :) Also please note that any medication dosages/lab work levels are Canadian. Thank you to my lovely friend Sam, who inspired me and encouraged me to finish this fic (and for reading it over for me).

"Blaine, there you are!"

Blaine poked his head out from the nurse server he was standing in front of to see his co-worker Natalie standing right in front of him.

"Hey, Nats! Can you double check this insulin for me?" He held up the tiny insulin syringe for his co-worker to look at. "Mrs. Jones' blood sugar was at 8.4, so I'm giving four units according to the sliding scale". Natalie shifted her eyes to the medication order sitting in front of Blaine and then squinted at the tiny syringe.

"Four units, you're good."

"Thanks," said Blaine, smiling at her. He was just about to close the door of the nurse server and walk into his patient's room when Natalie stopped him.

"Colleen wants to see you about your new admission."

"Right now?" asked Blaine. The lunch trays had just been served to the patients and Blaine wanted to make sure he gave Mrs. Jones her insulin before it was too late.

"Well, give your insulin first, Blaine. If it was completely urgent I would have dragged you away by now," said Natalie, poking him in the arm playfully.

Blaine stuck out his tongue at her and went to give his insulin quickly before heading to the nurses' station to talk to the charge nurse. Blaine plops into the chair that's sitting next to the one Colleen is sitting in. She's talking on the phone and looking a little frazzled (which is really nothing new), but she gives him a brief smile before jotting something down on the chart in front of her.

After a couple of minutes she hangs up the phone and turns towards him. "Sorry Blaine, I was just talking to Dr. Hummel about your new admission."

"That's fine," said Blaine, trying not to blush. Ever since Dr. Hummel…no…Kurt, had invited him over to his parents' house for Christmas dinner, they had become fast friends. Blaine had a bit of a crush on him and he had been trying valiantly for the past couple of months to push down his feelings for Kurt. It's not like their hospital had any strict rules for coworkers dating each other, but Blaine was a little too nervous to ever approach Kurt about taking their relationship to the next level. He was content with being friends with him, for now.

"You'll recognize this patient, Blaine. I know you've taken care of her before. Your new admission is Nora Thompson. She received a heart transplant three days ago. Her condition is stable. So far there are no signs of rejection. She has orders for daily blood work and she does have some pain post-op, they've been giving her Tylenol every four hours. She's not having any shortness of breath, but she's on one litre of oxygen via nasal prongs as per order. She has a catheter in and she's voiding about 30cc an hour. She has normal saline infusing at 50ml per hour. Dr. Hummel wants her vitals done every 2 hours once she gets here and he wants her in full isolation for the next week. He said he'll be up to see her once she's been settled for a few hours. Otherwise…that's it for now. A porter will be bringing her up soon and she'll be put in room 204. Sounds good?"

Blaine nodded and smiled. Ever since Nora turned 18 (and subsequently hit the age limit for the pediatric unit) she had been a frequent flyer to the cardiology floor. Nora had been experiencing trouble with her heart ever since she was a baby. She went into manageable heart failure when she was 16 years old, but as the years went on her condition got worse and she was placed on the transplant list. Kurt had called Blaine on the floor when he had found out that Nora was getting a new heart. Kurt knew that Nora was one of Blaine's most favourite patients. Blaine had almost cried when he found out, he was so happy.

There was a five year age gap between the two of them, but they always had something in common to talk about. Despite the amount of care that she required when her heart failure was at its worst, Nora was an easy patient to care for. She was always smiling and optimistic and she never got angry whenever Blaine woke her in the middle of the night to give her medication, or to get her vital signs. Her parents were lovely to talk to. Sometimes, Nora would convince her mother to bring Blaine a coffee and biscotti when she head down to the Starbucks in the cafeteria.

Yeah, she was one of his favourites.

Blaine jotted down a few things on his organizational sheet before finding Natalie and asking her if she could cover for him while he was busy settling Nora in. She agreed quickly and Blaine was just about to head back to the nurses' station when he saw a porter and one of the nurses from the ICU rolling a stretcher out of the service elevator and bringing it down the hall towards room 204.

He walked quickly down the hall to meet them, but he stopped before going in the room. Nora was supposed to be in full isolation, so that meant that anyone who went into Nora's room needed to wear a disposable isolation gown, gloves and a mask. He donned his protective equipment quickly and walked into the room to help the porter and the nurse transfer Nora from the stretcher to the bed. As soon as he helped settle Nora comfortably in bed and hooked up her oxygen, he turned around to speak with the nurse who had come with her.

"Are you her nurse?" the ICU nurse asked.

"I am," said Blaine, looking over at Nora and winking at her. Although she had a mask covering her nose and mouth, Blaine knew she was smiling from the way her eyes were crinkled at the corners.

"I'm assuming you've gotten report for your charge nurse? Nothing's changed since then. I'll bring the chart over to the front desk for you."


Once the nurse and the porter left, Blaine walked over to the bed and gripped one of Nora's hands between his own.

"Hi, sweetie! How are you feeling?"

"Like a million bucks, compared to before. But, I'd feel better if I could take all this stuff off," she said, gesturing to the gown and mask she was wearing. "Am I allowed, Blaine?"

"You definitely are," said Blaine. "I know this stuff is a pain in the ass, but we really don't want you to catch an infection while you're recovering."

Blaine helped her take off the offending material before tugging up the blankets at the end of the bed and tucking them around her.

"You look a lot better, compared to the last time I saw you. I'm glad."

"You know, I did just get a haircut. Thanks for noticing, Blaine," she teased.

Blaine laughed and shook his head. "Come on, I want a hug before I have to get to all the official stuff."

Blaine leaned over the bed to wrap his arms around Nora in a comforting hug. The squeezed each other for a moment before Blaine pulled away.

"I'm glad you're my nurse today, Blaine," said Nora, quietly.

"Me too."

Blaine pulled over a blood pressure cart from the other side of the room and starting wrapping a blood pressure cuff around one of Nora's biceps. "Where's your parents?" he asked.

"I told them to go home for a little bit. It's seems like they've been here all day and all night since the surgery."

"Plus, I bet they've been driving you crazy," said Blaine.

Nora laughed loudly and rolled her eyes. "Just a little bit."

Blaine worked quietly for a few moments. He jotted down Nora's vitals and listened to her lungs and the strong beat of the new heart in her chest. He found the strong pulses in her wrists on her feet and checked for any swelling. He checked the thick white dressing that was sitting dry and intact in the center of her chest. Everything looked good.

Natalie popped her head in the room to hand Blaine the telemetry monitor that Nora would be hooked up to for the rest of her stay. The monitor was a tiny little device that had six wires, or leads, that would each be attached to a special sticker on a specific spot on Nora's chest. As long as the stickers were in the right spots and all of the wires were properly connected, Nora's heart rate would be constantly visible to the staff on a monitor at the nurse's station.

"Blaine, have you every stuck one of those stickers to your chest and left it on there for a few days before?" asked Nora.

"I can't say I have….why?"

"Then you can't possible know why everyone hates them. I wish I didn't have to wear them," she pouted.

"Oh, I know why everyone hates them," said Blaine. "It's because the glue is super sticky and it hurts more than a band-aid when you take it off and the glue stays on your skin forever unless you have the special alcohol swabs like we do that can take the glue off."


"Just be happy you aren't a man, Nora. It's probably about ten times worse when you have a hairy chest, even if we do shave where the stickers go."

"Yeah, you're probably right," she agreed.

"I'm going to start putting these on now, okay?" said Blaine, holding up the stickers.

He worked quickly to apply the stickers on her chest and hooking up the wires. After doing it for a few years, he was a pro, but he knew he made some of his female patients feel a little uncomfortable, so he tried to make it as quick as possible.

After re-buttoning her gown and tucking her back in, Blaine placed the call bell with Nora's reach and told her he would be back to check on her soon, but to call if she needed anything.

Since it was the middle of the afternoon, Blaine was granted his lunch break and some time to catch up on all of his charting after he had checked on all of his patients. He had even had some time to chat with Nora's parents for a few minutes before he got called away to help another nurse. Nora's mom had brought him a coffee from Starbucks and he didn't refrain from giving her a hug. Nora and her parents were in good spirits, which in turn made Blaine very happy.

It was 3pm and Blaine was just signing off on the last bit of charting he was doing when Colleen called him over to the wall of telemetry monitors. Colleen had a phone in her hand and was looking a little panicked. One of the screens was flashing red, which meant…..

Oh shit. No no no no no.

The screen that was flashing red was the screen that had Nora's name up in the corner.

"Blaine, Nora's coding."

All of the sudden, the blaring noise of the emergency call bell filled the room. Blaine didn't have to look at the call bell monitor to know what room was calling.

"Did you page…"

"Dr. Hummel is on his way."

"Should we call…?"

"I'm calling the code right now. Go to the room. We'll follow with the cart."

The next ten minutes happened in a blur.

Blaine remembers running into Nora's room to see her parents' terrified faces and Nora lying unconscious in bed. Blaine remembers almost yelling at her parents to please wait outside. He remembers laying the bed down flat, all while checking Nora's pulse and hoping to feel something, anything, please. He remembers the code team rushing in and helping to turn Nora's unconscious body so they could slip a hard plastic board under her to help facilitate CPR. Blaine remembers taking off her gown and starting to pump on her chest.

Around him, people were methodically working to save Nora's life. A tube was placed down her throat and someone was using an Ambu-bag to manually pump oxygen in her lungs. Someone else was hanging bags of normal saline and pushing medications into Nora's IV. Someone was setting up the defibrillator and someone was taking blood from Nora to send to the lab. Someone was recording everything that was happening. Dr. Hummel was studying the cardiac monitor and telling whoever was in charge of the defibrillator to get ready.

Blaine remembers someone stopping his compressions and tugging him off the bed so they could get ready to use the defibrillator. He remembers the sounds of the shocks reverberating throughout the room. Three, four times, Nora was shocked and nothing was happening. No medications were working. No amount of voltage was strong enough. Blaine remembers Kurt calling out that she was going into ventricular fibrillation in a defeated voice and Blaine knew it was over. No one could come back from ventricular fibrillation. It was something that couldn't be fixed.

Within 30 seconds of being in v-fib, Nora's heart stopped beating.

It was over.

"Time of death, 15:43. I'll go talk to the parents," said Kurt in a cold voice. He walked briskly out of the room without as much as glancing at anyone.

As soon as he walked out, most of the staff that was in the room started cleaning up and putting things away. Blaine knew he should be helping but it felt like he could barely breathe, he was trying so hard not to cry.

Nora was gone. She was awake and smiling and relatively healthy twenty minutes ago. And now she was dead.

"Blaine, sweetie, maybe you should go take a break. We've got this," said Natalie. She rubbed his arm gently and guided him towards the door. "If you want to go home, I'll talk to Colleen about it for you, okay? I know you and Nora were really close. Just take some time for yourself and come back when you're ready."

Blaine nodded and walked out of the room without saying a word. He walked straight into the tiny room where they held report in the morning, closed the door, sat down and immediately started sobbing.

So many things were running through his mind. Nora's parents had lost their only child three days after getting a second chance at life. Nora wouldn't graduate from high school at the end of the year; she wouldn't get to go to her prom. She would never go to college and fall in love and get married and have kids. She would have had so much living to do and now….she had nothing. In the back of his mind, Blaine hoped that she was happy and comfortable wherever she was right now. He wasn't a huge believer in heaven but in cases like this…he couldn't help but hope there was some sort of happy after-life.

He was crying so hard that he was practically gasping for breath. Tears and snot were dripping down his face but he didn't care. Never in his career had he ever developed a relationship like the one he had with Nora and he had never cried like this over anyone's death except for hers. Blaine had worked quite a few codes over his time on the cardiology floor and they had barely fazed him once he had done one or two. But this code; it made him question the point of the whole procedure if it wasn't going to work.

His heart hurt, he felted absolutely crushed. He didn't even want to think about Kurt breaking the news to Nora's parents. And…oh, god. Kurt.

Kurt had been Nora's primary cardiologist for months. He worked for more than 8 hours to remove Nora's sick heart and replace it with a new and healthy one. He watched her recover and improve over the last couple of days. He, along with Nora's parents and Nora herself had hope that she would recover and lead a relatively normal life.

But it was all over. Blaine couldn't even begin to comprehend what his friend might be going through right now. And, unlike Blaine, Kurt couldn't go hide in a room and cry. He had to break the news to the Thompsons that their daughter had died. He had to complete a bunch of paperwork and sign the death certificate.

Blaine continued to cry messily and wallow in the grief he was experiencing. He didn't know how long he had been sitting in the tiny room when someone knocked on the door. Blaine sniffed loudly and wiped his hands under his eyes to clear the lingering tears away.

"Come in," he said in a thick voice.

Kurt walked into the room and shut the door behind him. Despite running a stressful code and having to tell Nora's parents that she died, Kurt's white coat, striped dress shirt and tie still looked pristine. However his face expressed a myriad of emotions. His eyes were red, but not puffy and swollen like Blaine knew his were. Even if he hadn't cried much, Blaine knew his friend must feel as heartbroken as he did at the moment. Just the thought of what Kurt was must be feeling made Blaine let out another sob.

"Oh, sweetheart. Come here." Kurt rushed over to Blaine, opening his arms. Blaine stood and let Kurt envelop him in a tight hug. Kurt started to rub his back gently and Blaine just squeezed him harder.

"Are you okay?" Blaine mumbled into Kurt's shoulder.

"I've been better," said Kurt sadly. "Are you okay?"

"Not at all," said Blaine. Kurt pressed a light kiss to the top his Blaine curls in comfort.

"I'm so sorry, Blaine. I know you and Nora had a strong connection. She talked about you all the time, you know? She loved how you always treated her like a person and not just another patient."

"She told you that?" said Blaine, voice muffled.

"Mhmm, she did. She asked about you every time I saw her. This was even before me and you had even become friends."

Blaine pulled away from where he was snuggled into Kurt's shoulder and smiled the biggest smile he could manage (which was barely a smile at all).

"I never should have gotten so attached, to her," he said. "I've never felt this upset about a patient. I just…why? Why did this have to happen to her? She had such an amazing life ahead. This surgery was supposed to save her life and it didn't. Why?"

"I don't know," said Kurt in a raspy voice. He sniffed and wiped his eyes. "I did everything right. I had three other surgeons assisting me and no one pointed out any mistakes. She recovered quickly. She was stable. She was bright and lively and lovely as every this morning during rounds. I don't know, Blaine. I don't know. It could have been something I did…maybe I missed something….maybe…"

"Kurt, listen to me," said Blaine forcefully. "This isn't your fault. There was a complication after the surgery. It happens. Nora and her parents knew about the complications that could occur. You did everything you could."

Kurt lets out a choked laugh and sniffles a bit. "You sound exactly like me when I tell family members that their loved one has died. Oh god, I'm making this even worse, aren't it?" He laughed a little and shook his head. "You have to forgive me, usually I'm immune to these kinds of situations but…this one has hit me pretty hard."

"Well at least you could keep yourself composed enough through the whole ordeal, unlike me."

"Only because I've had to do it so many times. This is the first time I had such a young patient die on me though. It really fucking sucks."

Blaine snorted. "Yeah, it really fucking sucks."

They both took a seat at the table, still not ready to leave the little room and face whatever had to come next. They sat together silently, grieving.

"She had such a big life ahead of her, I could feel it. As soon as that new heart started beating in her chest, I just got this amazing rush of accomplishment. I just…I can't believe this. She was going to graduate high school this summer. She was going to go to college. It's so goddamn unfair. She had the perfect chance to lead a normal life and it was taken away."

"I know," said Blaine quietly. He tried to suppress the oncoming tears that were prickling at the back of his eyes, but he couldn't. He wiped his eyes quickly, trying to hide his tears from Kurt, but it didn't work.

Kurt rested his hand on Blaine's shoulder and squeezed, as if to reassure him that Kurt didn't judge him for his nonstop tears.

"Did she tell you that she was planning on going to nursing school?" Kurt asked.

Blaine's eyes went wide in shock. "No. Seriously? Why?!"

"I never asked her, but it was implied that the nurses who cared for her influenced her decision to become a nurse. I think you played a big part in her life, Blaine. Even if you didn't know."

"Kurt, if you keep saying things like that I'll never stop crying," said Blaine, wiping away more tears.

Kurt tugged him into another hug and whispered apologies into Blaine's ear. As they pulled away, they both had blush colouring their cheeks. They both looked away shyly.

"And…there's something else she said to me a few days ago that stuck with me," said Kurt.

"Kurt, I don't think my heart can handle much more of this, honestly…"

"No, I promised, it's happy! At least, I think it is…" Kurt reassured.

"Well, what is it then?"

"She um…"Kurt hesitated. He was fidgeting in his chair a bit, visibly nervous. "She told me that I should ask you out on a real date because I really like you, Blaine and I've kind of had a huge crush on you forever and I don't want to ruin our friendship or anything but I figured, what the hell, because you only live once and I didn't want to spend the rest of my career having some sort of unrequited loved for the cute, amazing cardiology nurse and yeah I'm going to shut up now."

Kurt's clapped a hand over his mouth, seemingly shocked at his own openness.

"Sorry, Kurt. I barely caught any of that because you were talking so fast, but did you just say you wanted to ask me out on a date?" asked Blaine, eyes wide in shock and amusement.

"Um…"Kurt blushed. "Yes. Yes, I did."

"You called me cute and amazing."

"Well you are!" said Kurt indignantly. "It's not fair!"

Blaine laughed and smiled wide, something he thought he wouldn't be able to do after today's tragedy.

"I'd love to go on a date with you Kurt."


"Absolutely. I'm free tomorrow night."

"Pick you up at 7 o'clock?"


They just looked at each other, smiling wide and blushing like nothing else mattered.

"She would have wanted this to happen," said Blaine, looking up to the ceiling and smiling sadly.

"I know she would have," said Kurt comfortingly.

A loud knock on the door interrupted the moment. Natalie poked her head in the room. Her eyes widened when she realized Blaine was sitting with Dr. Hummel, but she didn't say anything about it.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Colleen wants to talk to you Blaine. I think she's letting you go early if you want to."

"Thanks, Nats. I'll be there in a minute."

She nodded and left, closing the door behind her.

Kurt and Blaine both stood up from their seats at the table and got read to leave the little room and go back to work. Kurt started walking towards the door and Blaine followed.

I should kiss him. I want to kiss him.

He took a leap of faith.

"Wait, Kurt."

Kurt turned around, looking at Blaine curiously.

Blaine approached him, leaning in closely so their faces were inches apart.

Blaine cupped the side of Kurt's jaw and leaned in to place a soft kiss on Kurt's lips. Kurt responded in seconds, pressing back firmly with his plush lips.

They broke apart after a few seconds, eyes shining with wide smiles.

"You only live one, right?" said Blaine.

Kurt laughed and took his hand, giving it a squeeze.


Author's Note (Part 2):

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I posted something and I apologize. I've really missed writing! Can you believe this thing has been sitting in my WIP folder since October? Jeez. I hope you enjoyed this fic :) There is definitely more to come from this 'verse, so keep your eyes peels. Also, feel free to come visit me at my tumblr, which is here. Thanks for reading!



Fic: Put Me Back Together

Title: Put Me Back Together
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Discussion and detailed description of an injury resulting in a lot of blood, needles and a person having a phobia of blood and needles. If you have any kind of medical squick, I would suggest not reading this.
Word Count: 7,000
Summary: Kurt and Blaine were looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home together, when a kitchen accident forces them to make a trip to the emergency room. Kurt is left trying to comfort a very terrified Blaine. This is pure hurt/comfort & fluff. 
Author's note: Thank you to gameboycolor and Caroline for looking over this for me. This fic is set in my A Broken Fall 'verse (in the future), however both of my betas have read this without reading the 'verse and they enjoyed it, so it can be very much stand alone, but it helps to read the 'verse to get an understanding of the characterizations.

Warnings: Discussion and detailed description of an injury resulting in a lot of blood, needles and a person having a phobia of blood & needles. If you have any kind of medical squick, I’d suggest not reading this.

“Hi! I’m home!”

                Kurt set down the knife he was holding on the counter and wiped his hands with a towel. Blaine had been working late every night for the past week and Kurt was anxious to greet him at the door. They had barely seen each other since the weekend and Kurt decided to cook them both a nice dinner so they could catch up and make some plans for the weekend.

                He grabbed the wine glass filled with Blaine’s favourite Cabernet and walked over to the foyer, where Blaine was shedding his shoes and jacket and shoving his bag on the floor.

                “Hi, Blaine! You’re home early,” Kurt said, leaning over to peck Blaine on the cheek and hand him the glass of wine.

                “Mmm, thanks, love,” he said, kissing Kurt’s lips softly in return. “I didn’t have much choice. I received a text message from some guy named Kurt Hummel, who said he’d withhold sex for the weekend if I wasn’t home by 6pm.”

                “Sounds like a smart guy,” Kurt said playfully, wandering back into the kitchen.

                “The smartest,” Blaine agreed. “So, what are you planning for dinner?”

                “I was thinking about the penne primavera that you tried that last time when we went out to eat at that little Italian place around the corner. I’m trying my hand at it.”

                “Sounds delicious! Do you need any help?”

                “Actually yes,” said Kurt. He grabbed the knife he had discarded earlier and handed it to his boyfriend. “You can chop these veggies up while I take care of the chicken.” Kurt knew better than to let Blaine be in charge of anything that required the use of the stove.

                “You know, maybe if you tried to teach me how to cook properly, I wouldn’t burn anything,” Blaine whined.

                “Well, Blaine, I don’t really feel like risking the chance of our apartment going up in flames if I have to leave for a minute to pee or something,” said Kurt, lowering the flame on the burner in front of him as a precaution.

                “I saw that, Hummel,” said Blaine, poking him in between the shoulder blades before turning back towards the counter to start cutting up the vegetables in front of him.

                “I have no idea what you are talking about, Blaine. Now, get going on the vegetables. I want to actually eat at a decent time tonight.”

Blaine huffed and got back to work. He chopped as Kurt minded the sautéing chicken and bubbling sauce on the stovetop. They conversed freely about their day; Blaine talking about finishing the project he had been working hard on all week and Kurt about the designs he had drawn that day in class.

“Oh, and Rachel called and left me a very interesting voicemail. Something about Jesse St. James and a change of heart and how he’s a different person or something like that. I haven’t called her back yet. I don’t even want to deal with that can of worms on our weekend off together,” said Kurt, disdainfully.

“Jesse St. James? Really?” Blaine asked exasperatedly, turning towards Kurt while still chopping vegetables. “I know I wasn’t around for that whole fiasco, but I’m pretty sure once someone throws eggs at you and then shows up a year later to ask you to the junior prom, while also single-handedly insulting everyone in your Glee club, there’s a….” Blaine cut off with a soft gasp. The clang of the knife hitting the counter caused Kurt to turn around from the stove.

“There’s a what, Blaine?”

Blaine stood perfectly still at the counter with his eyes look downwards at his left hand. Kurt followed Blaine’s gaze to see blood gushing down from his fingers onto the white cutting board before inhaling sharply and moving into action.

“Blaine…” he called out, trying not to panic. “You’re fine. It’s okay.” Kurt grabbed a clean dishtowel from the drawer across from him and went over to Blaine, who was looking paler by the minute.

He grabbed Blaine’s trembling hand and wrapped his fingers tightly with the dishtowel.

Pressure to stop the bleeding, he thought, reverting back the simple first aid training he had taken years ago. Get him away from the blood.

Kurt turned the burners off on the stove and moved the pots and pans so the food wouldn’t burn. He grabbed another clean dishtowel and his cellphone before leading Blaine to the living room.

Blaine was silent in shock beside him. It was no secret that Blaine was terrified of blood. The first time they had turned on the heat at night in their apartment, Kurt woke up to the sound of Blaine falling off the bed. Apparently Kurt’s nose had started to bleed because of the dry air and when Blaine had woken up to see blood covering Kurt’s face and pillow, he had literally fallen out of bed out of fear.

“Blaine…are you okay? Do you want some water? Are you going to throw up?” Kurt asked, still trying to remain calm. He didn’t know how deep the cut to Blaine’s fingers was or if he’d needed to drag Blaine to the ER to get stitches. Blaine remained silent and stared at Kurt with glossy, unfocused eyes.

“Blaine!” Kurt snapped his fingers in front of Blaine’s face, trying to garner a response from his boyfriend.

“Shit…”he mumbled. He grabbed his cellphone and hit speed dial #3.

It rang several times before Blaine’s mom answered the phone with a terse,“Dr. Anderson.”

“Hi, Sara. It’s Kurt.”

“Oh! Hello, Kurt darling. How are things?”

“Um…not so good, Sara. Blaine accidentally cut his fingers when he was cooking and they are bleeding quite a bit.”

“Did you apply pressure?” she asked.

“Yes, I did. I wrapped a dishtowel tightly over them.”

“Alright, are they still bleeding a lot?”

“I don’t know…it just happened two minutes ago. I haven’t had a chance to look. Blaine’s acting strangely though. I don’t know what to do.”

Blaine was still standing still next to Kurt. He was barely blinking and he was breathing slow, heavy breaths. His face was as white as a sheet, and he almost looked a little green around his lips.

“Is he just sitting there and not saying anything? Really pale? Almost looking like he’s going to vomit?” Sara asked.

“Yes, he does.”

“He’s in shock. Just give him a little slap on the cheek. He’ll snap out of it and go into panic mode.”

“And by panic mode you mean…?”

“Well, he’ll probably be in hysterics. Right now he probably has enough adrenalin in his system to numb the pain. But once he snaps out of his trance, he’ll realize that he’s bleeding and that he’s in pain. And he’ll panic. It won’t be anything you can’t handle, Kurt. I’m sure of it. You might not even need to go to the Emergency room, but you’d better take a look at his fingers and tell me what you see. Or, you could send me a photo.”

“Alright. Um…I’ll put you on speaker. And I guess I’ll slap Blaine?” said Kurt, worriedly.

“Kurt, I know it sounds harsh, darling, but it’ll be fine. I’ve done this before, trust me.”


Kurt put the phone on speaker and placed it on the table. He eyed Blaine warily, before reaching out and slapping him straight across the face.  Blaine recoiled and blinked a few times in confusion.

“Kurt, what the hell? Why did you…oh.” Blaine looked down towards his towel-wrapped hand. Despite the layers of the towel wrapped around his cut fingers, blood had seeped through and was staining the topmost layer of the towel red.

“Blaine, look at me. Do not look at your hand right now, do you hear me? I’m not losing you again to a shock-induced trance.”

Blaine’s eyes snapped up to meet Kurt’s; the colour in his face was slowly returning, but he was still quite pale.

“Blaine…your mom is on speaker. Do you want to talk to her?”

“Uh…hi, mom,” he says shakily.

“Blaine, darling, Kurt and I are going to handle this properly, alright? No worrying. Just listen to us and breathe.” Blaine’s shoulders visibly slump in the comfort of his mother’s reassurance and Kurt wraps an arm around them.

“Now, Kurt. I want you to take a look at Blaine’s hand and take a picture with your phone and send it to me,” Sara calls out.

“Okay, yes. I can do that.” He could feel Blaine’s posture stiffen at the mention of his injured hand and he decided to ignore it. He knew that if they were going to get through this, he couldn’t coddle Blaine every time he stiffened, or nothing would get done.

I need something to distract him while I take a look at his hand…Kurt thought. Oh! I know!

Kurt grabbed the television remote and turned on the TV. He flicked through the recorded shows on the PVR until he settled on the latest episode of Jersey Shore.

Blaine’s guilty pleasure….he hasn’t even seen this episode yet. That should keep him distracted.

“Here, Blaine. Watch Jersey Shore until I finish taking a look at your hand. Whatever you do, do not take your eyes off the screen. You know how you get when you miss a particularly trashy moment.”

Blaine smiled slightly before turning his head and focusing on the television. Kurt let out a sigh of relief before gingerly taking Blaine’s injured hand and unwrapping the dishtowel that was covering it. He tried not to panic when he noticed that the small patch of red that had seeped through the layers had almost doubled in size since he first started talking to Blaine’s mom on the phone.

Kurt double checked that Blaine was focussing solely on the TV and not on whatever Kurt was doing before he removed the towel completely.

Kurt bit back a gasp. Blaine’s hand was completely covered in blood. Most of it was dried and slightly dark, but Kurt could immediately spot the source of the blood. The knife had hit Blaine’s fingers at an odd angle and both his index and middle fingers sported a small, deep cut. Thankfully the knife had managed to miss the topmost knuckle on both of his fingers but Kurt was quite sure that the knife had cut deep enough to hit bone.

“How does it look Kurt?” Sara asked.

“It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to,” Kurt said, pausing when Blaine flinched at his side. Thankfully he kept his eyes glued to the TV. “Should I clean his hand? It’s kind of hard to get a good look at it with all of the um…you know.” Kurt was terrified that even the mention of the word blood would send Blaine back into a tailspin. So he really just hoped that Sara would get the point of what he was trying to say.

“Are his fingers still bleeding quite a bit?” Kurt squeezed his eyes shut at Sara’s misstep and took a deep breath. He patted Blaine’s knee comfortingly (he had tensed up again).

“Not as much as before. They are still bleeding pretty steadily though.” As Kurt said this, he reached for the dishtowel to mop up the blood that was currently threatening to drip onto the floor. The blood was flowing in a slow stream now compared to the gushing that was happening earlier.

Thank you Dad for forcing me to take basic first aid before I started working in the garage…

“Go ahead and rinse it off with cool water. Do not use any kind of soap or rubbing alcohol. Just water. I’ll let you go do that and once you’ve cleaned him up a bit, send me a picture and I’ll call you back, alright?”

“Sure. Thanks, Sara.” Once he hung up the phone, Kurt turned towards Blaine and rubbed his shoulder to get his attention.

“Blaine, let’s go into the bathroom and get this cleaned up, okay?”

Blaine whimpered quietly, but followed Kurt’s lead into the bathroom without looking at his blood covered hand.

“Okay, Blaine, are you ready?”

“Kurt..I-I…shit. Is it going to hurt?” Blaine asked, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking slightly.

“It’ll probably sting a little, baby. It won’t be too bad. The faster we can do this, the faster we can get this taken care of, alright?”

Blaine let out a shuddering breath. “Okay, can you tell me what you’re doing though? I don’t want to open my eyes and see.”

“Of course, B. Don’t worry. You know you can trust me.”

Blaine made a small noise of agreement and nodded his head. His lips were trembling and Kurt could tell he was trying valiantly not to cry. Kurt positioned Blaine’s hand over the sink and put his hands on his boyfriend’s hip, encouraging him to stand straight in front of the sink. Kurt placed a cool hand on Blaine’s flushed cheek and scratched his fingers through Blaine’s curls.

“You know,” Blaine murmured, “If you could simultaneously give me head scratches while washing the blood off of my hand, I think I’d be alright.”

“Blaine just because you think head scratches are the cure to everything doesn’t mean they actually are,” Kurt teased. “I promise I’ll be really fast, okay?”

Kurt turned the tap and waited for a couple seconds for the water to turn a less icy temperature before taking Blaine’s hand back into his own.

“Okay, Blaine. I’m going to stick your hand underneath the tap now alright?”


Kurt guided Blaine’s hand to rest under the steady stream of cool water. He worked quickly to rinse Blaine’s hand with the water, rubbing the skin until there were no traces of dried blood left. He washed Blaine’s cut fingers last; ignoring the tense hiss of pain that resulted.

Once Blaine’s hand was all cleaned up, Kurt dried it gently with a clean towel.

“There, Blaine, all done. It looks like the bleeding has gone down a lot, too. I think you’re in the clear now,” Kurt reassured.

Blaine exhaled loudly and relaxed his shoulders. “Good. Do you think I’ll need to get stitches?”

Kurt knelt down to get a better look at Blaine’s cut fingers. He wanted to gently pull the edges of the cut apart to see how deep it was, but he didn’t want to cause Blaine any more pain than he was already experiencing. The cuts seemed deep, but he had no idea if his boyfriend would need stitches or not.

I hope he doesn’t, he thought. Blaine has gone through enough suffering with this already. We don’t need to introduce stitches into the mix.

“I don’t know, baby. Let’s let your mom be the judge of that, alright? I hope she can get a good enough idea from a low quality photo,” said Kurt.

He led Blaine back into the living room and encouraged him to sit on the couch while he took a picture of the cuts on his fingers.

Within a few seconds of sending the photo, Kurt’s phone started ringing. Kurt answered quickly and put the phone on speaker.

“So what do you think, Sara? Does Blaine need stitches?”

“I’m afraid so, darling. The cuts look quite deep and we can’t risk them becoming infected.”

Blaine whimpered next to him and Kurt tugged him in close to his side. Blaine rested his head on Kurt’s shoulder and Kurt rubbed his cheek into Blaine’s soft curls.

“It’ll be okay,” he whispered into Blaine’s ear. “I’ll be right there with you the whole time.”

“Do you have any idea of how long we’ll have to wait, Mom? I just don’t want to end up waiting for 8 hours to get a few stitches.”

“Go to Mount Sinai, I have good connections there. I’ll call ahead and make sure someone sees you quickly enough.”

“Thanks, mom. I appreciate it,” said Blaine, thankfully.

“Of course, love. Now, get going. I’ll expect a call and a photo of the end result later, alright?”

“Okay mom, love you.”

“I love you both,” she responded. “Chat soon.”

After Kurt hung up the phone, Kurt wrapped Blaine’s hand up once again with a clean dishtowel before forcibly dragging him into the foyer and helping him put on the jacket and scarf he had abandoned earlier.

“Kurt, I can do it myself. You don’t need to help me,” said Blaine, annoyed with Kurt’s babying.

“Blaine, tell me you aren’t contemplating running into the bedroom and locking yourself in there for the rest of eternity right now.”

Blaine blushed slightly and averted his eyes from Kurt’s.

“That’s why I need to help you. If you were left to your own devices right now, we wouldn’t make it out of the apartment. I know you hate needles just as much as you hate blood, but we need to get this done.”

Blaine pouted but nodded, allowing Kurt to do the buttons up on his jacket and drape his scarf gracefully around his neck before putting on his own jacket and scarf and grabbing his messenger bag.

“You’ll be brave for me, right Blainey?” Kurt leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Blaine’s lips, leaning his forehead against his before pulling away.

“Of course,” said Blaine, giggling a little, “but only for you.”

“Good,” said Kurt, “let’s get going.”

After they left their apartment building, they got a cab and made it to the hospital within 15 minutes. Thankfully they were fortunate enough to live close and that the traffic was good.

They made their way quickly to the emergency department and were given several forms that needed to be filled out. Blaine’s good hand was still a little shaky from the shock and pain from the injury on his left, so Kurt took it upon himself to fill the forms out for his boyfriend.

When he was finished, Kurt handed the clipboard back to the charge nurse and sat back down next to Blaine.

“This freaking sucks,” Blaine mumbled sadly, leaning his head on Kurt’s shoulder. “We were supposed to have a nice romantic dinner and spend the whole weekend together, but then I had to go ahead and accidentally cut myself and now everything is ruined.”

“Oh, shush. Nothing is ruined. We’ll still be able to spend the weekend together. It’s not like we’re going to be sitting in a hospital waiting room for 3 days, right?” Kurt pressed his lips to Blaine’s temple and curled an arm around his shoulders.

“I know…but Kurt. I had plans.

Plans?” Kurt asked curiously.

“Yes, Kurt. Plans.” Blaine said grumpily.

“Well…”said Kurt, “I’m sure we can figure something out.” Kurt waggled his eyebrows and Blaine’s eyes widened once he realized what Kurt implied.

“I never thought about that…” said Blaine.

Kurt was just about to respond when a nurse in black scrubs called out Blaine’s name out into the waiting room.

Both boys got up and followed the nurse into a little room, which was quite reminiscent of the exam rooms at a family doctor’s office. Blaine took a seat on the padded table and Kurt sat down in the chair next to it.

“Alright, so, my name’s Trish. I’m just going to ask you a few questions and take your vitals so I can make up a chart for you, alright? I did receive a note from one of the plastic surgeons saying that she was to be paged as soon as you were admitted and to send you straight to a bed in the ER, which was kind of strange.”

“My mom’s a surgeon and she comes to New York a lot for special surgeries and stuff. She said she had connections here,” said Blaine sheepishly. “Not that I need them or anything. I’d be perfectly fine if I had to wait.”

The nurse laughed and patted his shoulder. “It’s alright, honey. You should be thankful. If you didn’t have special connections, you’d probably be stuck out there for 6 hours.”

Blaine grimaced and nodded.

“Okay, so, I’m just going to rattle off the information that you wrote down here on the chart so I can confirm it and we’ll get started.”

After running through his birthdate, his past medical history and his insurance information, Trish took Blaine’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

“Everything looks alright. Your blood pressure and pulse are a little high, but I’m assuming that’s because of nerves.”

“It’s definitely because of the nerves,” said Blaine, voice wavering.

“Are you scared of hospitals, Blaine?” Trish asked sympathetically.

“No, actually,” Blaine laughed. “I volunteered at a hospital back home for years before I moved here for college. I just don’t like blood or needles.”

Trish nodded and scribbled down something on the clipboard that held Blaine’s threadbare chart.

Trish led them through a maze of hallways before stopping in front of a long row of hospital beds with ugly blue curtains as partitions.

“Just wait here for a second. I need to page the doctor and then we’ll get you to a bed, okay Blaine?”

“Sure, thanks Trish.”

After a couple of minutes standing awkwardly in the surprisingly quiet area, Trish returned with another nurse.

“Laura, this is Blaine and his boyfriend Kurt,” said Trish, gesturing to the boys. “Blaine, this is Laura. She’s going to be your nurse while you’re here. I’m going to let her take over now. It was nice meeting you both,” said Trish. “Good luck with the stitches.”

“T-thanks,” Blaine stammered. Kurt could tell he was on the fine edge between genuineness and complete and utter fear, so he took Blaine’s uninjured hand and gave it a squeeze.

“She told me about your blood and needle phobias,” said Laura. “Don’t worry. I’ll speak to the doctor. Maybe we can get you an Ativan or something to calm you down. I think we’d all rather have you completely mellowed out than passed out on the ground.”

“Me too,” Blaine eagerly agreed.

Laura laughed and led them to one of the beds. “Okay, Blaine. I’ll get you to take off your jacket and your shirt and put on this hospital gown. You can keep your pants on though. I’ll be right back with your chart and I’ll take a look at your fingers, alright?”

As she left, Laura tugged the curtains resting at each side of the bed so that they covered the area around the bed completely.

“She reminds me a little of Caroline, except without the accent,” said Kurt, while starting to unbutton Blaine’s jacket.

“And the cheesy endearments,” Blaine added. Caroline was one of Blaine favourite nurses back at the hospital he used to volunteer at in Lima. She has incidentally taken care of both himself after his attack when he was a teenager and she had taken care of Kurt after he had broken his arm on the day that the two of them met. Laura was blonde and perky, just like her, except she was missing Caroline’s signature southern accent and bouncy curls.

“We should call her tomorrow,” said Kurt. He helped Blaine remove his jacket while gingerly minding his injured hand and then helped him to tug his polo off and over his head. Kurt grabbed the hospital gown that was resting on the bed and guided Blaine’s arms through it and tied up the sides.

“Thanks for helping me, babe,” said Blaine gratefully.

“Take advantage of it while it lasts,” said Kurt playfully.

“Kurt! I’m not an invalid,” Blaine whined.

“Did you hear what I just said?” asked Kurt. “Take advantage of it while it still lasts.”

“Noted,” said Blaine seriously.

Kurt laughed and settled down into the chair next to Blaine’s bed.  He grabbed Blaine’s hand and stroked it idly, waiting for the nurse to return.

Shortly after, Laura popped her head in between the curtains and once she realized everyone was decent, she opened them completely.

“Dr. Mason is on her way. She wanted me to get you prepped before she got here, so I brought some supplies with me. Also, I brought you this.” Laura handed Blaine a tiny medicine cup with a little white pill inside.

“What is it?” asked Blaine.

“It’s Ativan. I told the doctor about your issues with blood and needles and I asked her if she would be alright with giving you something to help calm you down for the procedure. It’ll make you a little sleepy and a little loopy. You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.”

Blaine stared at the little cup for a few seconds before asking Laura for a professional opinion.

“Take it,” she said promptly. “Don’t question it. It’ll make everything go by a lot smoother than it would be if you were positively flipping out over everything the doctor was doing.”

“How long is it going to work for? I don’t want Kurt to have to drag me home when I’m high as a kite.”

“Blaine, I’d rather take care of you while you are a little sleepy and relaxed instead of having to see you cry and shake and be in pain, okay? Just take it,” said Kurt, firmly.

Blaine nodded and accepted the paper cup of water Laura held out for him and took the pill; grimacing as it went down his throat.

“How long does it take to kick in?” asked Blaine.

“Not long,” said Laura. “By the time we get you cleaned up and the doctor gets down here, you’ll be a very happy boy.”

Blaine smiled warily and stayed quiet. Laura was flitting around the little area, situating a small rolling table at Blaine’s left side. She plonked a medium sized bottle of what looked like water on the table, along with a small white wrapped package.

While she set up, she chattered happily with the boys, asking them about school and how long they had been together. Blaine was so caught up with the pleasant conversation that he didn’t even notice when Laura snapped on a pair of gloves from a box above his head and started to peel away the towel that was wrapped around his hand. She was just about to take off the towel completely when Kurt reached out and cupped his chin. Kurt slowly turned Blaine’s head to look at him on the right side of the bed instead of the left where Laura was working.

“Look at me, okay Blaine? Laura’s going to take the towel off and I’m pretty sure your Ativan hasn’t kicked in yet,” said Kurt. “I don’t want you to see, okay? Just like before.”

Blaine gave him a thankful smile and Kurt rested his forearms on the bed so he could lean down comfortably at Blaine’s eye level.

“You know what we should do this weekend?” asked Kurt softly. “We should go to the zoo.  I saw online that there were lots of new baby animals born recently. There’s nothing better than some cute baby animals, right?”

Blaine smiled widely. “That’s sounds like a great idea. We haven’t been in so long!”

Kurt cheered internally. Blaine loved the zoo. Plus, he figured the suggestion would distract Blaine for a little bit. In the corner of his eye he saw Laura looking closely at Blaine’s cut fingers and frowning slightly.

“Blaine, I’m trying to get a better look at your cut so I can flush it out, but it’s difficult because of the angle. I need to pull the skin apart a little, so it’s going to hurt a bit, okay?”

Kurt watched as Blaine tensed at Laura’s warning for the incoming pain she was about to cause. As Laura started to get a better look at the cuts, the grip of Blaine’s hand against Kurt’s became vice-like and they both let out a hiss of pain.

Okay, now would be a good time for the Ativan to kick in, Kurt thought absently as Blaine continued to crush his hand with his own.

Blaine’s eyes were squeezed tightly closed and Kurt peered over his boyfriend’s shoulder to see what Laura was doing. She had pulled and positioned Blaine’s arm so that her eyes were mere centimeters away from the cuts in Blaine’s fingers. She seemed satisfied with what she was seeing and she picked up a large plastic syringe that was resting in a bottle of clear fluid beside her.

“Everything looks good, boys. I’m going to start flushing the wounds with saline,” said Laura.

“Are you sure that’s necessary?” asked Kurt. “Blaine’s mom told me to run his hand under cold water to clean it when we were back at the apartment.”

“It’s just to make sure that any debris inside the wounds gets flushed out. The pressure from the syringe I’m going to use is really going to help flush away anything that might be hiding inside those cuts. I know it seems a little redundant, but we just want to make sure that nothing is left under the skin when the doctor stitches Blaine back up.”

Kurt nodded in understanding and left Laura to her work. Before she could start, Blaine’s stopped her.

“Is it going to sting?” he asked with a wavering voice.

“No, honey, it shouldn’t sting. It’s just saline solution,” she reassured.

As Laura worked on Blaine’s fingers, Blaine’s grip on Kurt’s hand was becoming weaker and the tension of his body started melting away.

“How are you feeling now, babe?” asked Kurt softly.

Blaine blinked at his sleepily and smiled. “Better. I like this stuff they gave me, Kurt.”

Kurt giggled and kissed Blaine’s forehead. “I’m glad. I don’t want you to be scared anymore.”

“I’m not, ‘cause you’re here,” Blaine mumbled.

“Love you, B,” said Kurt.

“Love you too.”

Affection for his adorable boyfriend was blooming in his chest and happiness settled over him, calming the stress and panic that he had been hiding away for this whole ordeal.

A few minutes later, Dr. Mason appeared at Blaine’s bedside. Her white lab coat was pristine and wrinkle free and she was wearing a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.  Kurt had to hold himself back from squealing and reaching out and rubbing the fabric between his fingers. Dr. Mason looked to be around the same age as Blaine’s mother. She was sporting a friendly smile and greeted both Kurt and Blaine cheerfully.

“I wish we could have met under better circumstances, Blaine. I’ve heard so much about you. I swear half the emails your mother sends me are about you.”

“I’m her pride and joy,” said Blaine, shrugging carelessly.

Kurt laughed. “You’ll have to excuse him. I think the Ativan has taken away his filter.”

The doctor laughed and patted Blaine’s knee. “Feeling alright, Blaine?”

“I feel sublime,” he responded dreamily.

“I’m glad,” she said. “Now, let’s get started on those fingers, shall we?”

The doctor rolled up the sleeves of her lab coat and snapped on a pair of gloves from the wall. She talked with Laura for a bit before wheeling a stool over and sitting down at the left side of the bed. She reached for Blaine’s hand and looked at it carefully; pulling the tender skin around the cuts just like the nurse has done earlier, to get a better look. Blaine paid no attention this time around. The medication had him feeling calm and relaxed and Kurt figured that since Blaine was feeling a lot calmer, the pain he felt was less amplified like it was earlier.

                “Laura, can you draw up 5cc of lidocaine please? Either a 22 gauge or a 25 gauge needle will be fine.”

                “Sure thing!” she replied. “I also grabbed you a suture kit and a couple of different sizes of sutures. I wasn’t sure which ones you would need, so I grabbed most of the smaller sizes.”

                The doctor set up her work area quickly while Laura prepared the medication to numb Blaine’s fingers for the procedure.

                Thankfully Blaine was drifting off into sleep as the doctor and the nurse prepared to stitch Blaine’s fingers up. Laura was handling a syringe with a large needle to draw up medication from a glass bottle and Kurt felt a little queasy at the thought of a needle that large going into Blaine’s skin. When she was finished, Laura pushed up the safety device on the needle before twisting it off and twisting on a much smaller looking needle. Kurt sighed with relief and made sure that Blaine’s eyes were still closed and that he wasn’t watching what the nurse was doing. Kurt quite liked the shirt he was wearing and he wasn’t prepared to have Blaine puke all over it because of his fear of needles.

                After a few minutes, everyone had settled and the doctor told Kurt that she was ready to begin. Blaine was dozing peacefully on the bed and Kurt felt horrible for waking him, but it had to be done so Blaine wouldn’t panic when the doctor started to numb his fingers.

                “Blaine…wake up, sweetie. The doctor is ready to get started,” said Kurt, rubbing Blaine’s shoulder.

                Blaine’s eyes opened slowly and he smiled lazily.

                “Hi, Kurt.”

                Kurt suppressed a laugh and patted Blaine’s cheek lightly. “Did you hear me? The doctor is ready to start now, alright? You need to pay attention to what she says.”

                Blaine’s eyes widened and looked over to where the doctor was sitting.

                “Okay, Blaine, here’s what’s going to happen: First, I’m going to clean the wounds with some betadine, an antiseptic solution. It might sting a little, but it won’t be too bad. Next, I’m going to inject lidocaine all around the areas where the cuts are. That’ll be the worst part, but after that you won’t be able to feel a thing. Are you ready?”

                “L-let’s just get it over with,” said Blaine, voice wavering with incoming panic.

                Kurt reached for his hand again and squeezed it. Blaine tilted his head towards him without prompting and Kurt leaned down once again to meet Blaine’s eye level.

                “I’m right here, okay? Everything is going to be fine. I give you permission to squeeze my hand when it hurts, but please don’t try and break my bones like you did last time, okay?”

                Blaine gave him a sad little smile, before the sting of the betadine solution on his open cuts made him wince.

                “I’m going to start injecting the lidocaine now, Blaine. There’ll be a couple of big pinches. I promise I’ll be fast though, okay?”

                Blaine’s hand immediately squeezed Kurt’s hand so hard his knuckles were white. Kurt ignored it and started spouting off random nonsense to try and distract his boyfriend.

                Blaine visibly jolted with the first injection and Laura and Dr. Mason both told him to try and stay as still as possible.

                Blaine’s whole body stiffened, but he only flinched with the next injection. As the doctor continued to inject more of the medication around the areas of the cut, Blaine became more and more undone. He was shaking slightly and Kurt saw a few tears roll down his cheeks. Kurt’s heart panged and he willed himself to stay strong for Blaine, even though tears threatened to leave his own eyes at the sight of his boyfriend in so much distress.

                “Almost done, baby, she’s almost done. You’ve been so brave for me today. I’m so proud of you,” Kurt babbled, trying to soothe Blaine.

                “Shit, Kurt it’s hurts so much,” Blaine whined, his voice thick with tears.

                “All done, Blaine. The hard part’s over,” said the Doctor cheerfully. “You did very well!”

                Blaine slumped back on the bed and took a few shaky breaths.

                Kurt pulled up sleeve and used it to dab at the tears that rested on Blaine’s cheeks.  He leaned over and pressed his lips softly over Blaine’s and Blaine hummed appreciatively.

                “Now comes the easy part,” Kurt whispered to him. “You can let go of my hand now.”

                Blaine loosened his grip, but he kept Kurt’s hand in his and brushes his thumb back and forth over Kurt’s own.

                “Thank you for being here with me,” said Blaine.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” said Kurt, kissing Blaine quickly.

As the boys lost themselves in each other for a little while, Dr. Mason started stitching together Blaine’s cuts and before they even realized, she was taking off her gloves and throwing all of the used supplies in the garbage.

“All finished!” she said happily.

Blaine and Kurt both looked up in shock at the doctor.

“That was fast!” Kurt exclaimed. 

“I didn’t even know you started doing it!” Blaine added.

“Well, what can I say? I’m good at my job.” She winked and started scribbling something on a clipboard that Laura handed her.

“It was a quick job though, three stitches in each finger. Now, I just have a few instructions for you and a few papers for you to sign and you’ll be all set to go, okay?”

After dealing with all the paperwork, the doctor started giving them instructions on how to care for the stitches at home.

“First of all, the stitches stay in for a week. I made a note here for someone to make an appointment for you next Friday to come back and get the stitches removed.  You’ll need to keep the stitches dry for 24 hours. After that, you can remove the dressing and clean the area with warm water. I’ll give you a few gauzes and some tape to bring home so you can apply a new dressing. But before you do that, I want you to apply some antiseptic cream I am going to give you before you put the new dressing on. After 48 hours, you won’t need the dressing on anymore, but make sure to mind the stitches at all times and keep them away from any soaps or solutions that’ll irritate them. Once the dressing comes off, I want you to continue to clean the area with warm water and apply the antiseptic cream twice a day so the area doesn’t get infected. Do you have any questions?”

‘I don’t. Do you, Blaine?” asked Kurt.

“No, I think I got it. Thank you for everything, Dr. Mason.”

“You’re very welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.” She handed Kurt a business card along with a small paper bag filled with gauze, tape and the tube of antiseptic cream that she had promised earlier.

“You’re all set to go. Laura will walk you out once Blaine’s changed out of his gown. I’ll see you next week, alright?”

“Definitely,” said Kurt.

“Oh, and before I forget, Kurt, once the lidocaine wears off, Blaine’s fingers will probably be sore. Just give him a normal dose of ibuprofen and it should take care of it.”

“Thanks! I’ll make a note of it,” said Kurt.

Dr. Mason gave him a quick smiled before walking away and closing the curtains around the bed behind her.

Kurt stood up from the chair and stretched before helping Blaine get up and dressed. It took at least ten minutes of fumbling and avoiding the dressing that wrapped Blaine’s first and middle fingers together until he was dressed properly. It took another twenty minutes to get out of the hospital and catch a cab back to their building, but finally, finally, they were home.

Once Kurt had unlocked the door and taken off both of their jackets, Blaine practically threw himself into Kurt arms and clung onto him for dear life in a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend in the whole entire world,” Blaine mumbled into his neck.

“I was just returning the favour, my love,” said Kurt, nuzzling his face into Blaine’s soft curls.

Blaine pulled away slightly, looking at Kurt with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it wasn’t too long ago that a certain Blaine Anderson was there to be there for me when I broke my wrist slipping on ice.”

“Oh, right.” Blaine smiled bashfully and wrapped himself properly around Kurt again, squeezing him tightly.

“Come on, spider monkey. Let’s go call your mom and order a pizza. I’m starving.”

“Can we get pineapple on it?” Blaine asked, flashing his puppy eyes at Kurt. “Before you say no, I’d just like to remind you that I was injured and put through emotional hell today.”

Kurt rolled his eyes and nudged Blaine’s shoulder. “Fine…But just this once.”

“I love you, Kurtsie.”

Kurt laughed at the endearment. “Love you too, Blainey. Let’s go.”

Author’s Note

Well, hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This fic is a part of my A Broken Fall ‘verse but not really because of any specific plotlines or anything, I just wanted the same characterizations for Kurt, Blaine and Blaine’s mom. If you’ve read Dissolved and The Fashion of Panic, you’ll kind of have a general idea of where my headspace is for this one. Blaine and Kurt aren’t finished with college yet, I’d say they were in maybe their second or third year? I just had this idea stuck in my head, so I hope you enjoyed some hurt/comfort medical fluff (my favourite kind of fic). My knowledge of the admitting process for the ER in the States is non-existent and I’ve never been admitted to the ER here, so I’m kind of just mashing everything I know together. I know for sure that all other medical info is legit. I can’t make any promises on when I’ll return to you with a new fic, but I am officially on summer vacation (also I am officially a third year nursing student) so hopefully I’ll be cranking out a few new things this summer. Feel free to come say hi to me on tumblr, I’m always around. I’d like to say thank you to Katrina and Caroline for looking over this for me and thank you for reading!





Ficlet: Reprieve

Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This ficlet is canon compliant; therefore Blaine's grade in Season 3 is relevant.
Word count: 1,700
Summary: Blaine pulls an all nighter studying for his first set of college finals. Kurt comes over to surprise him. When he finds Blaine disheveled and exhausted, he forces him to take a nap. Snuggling occurs. Basically this is pure fluff. 
Author's Note: Based off of this drawing by Jackie (Muchacha11).

Kurt never learned how to juggle when he was a kid. Now, he figured, I’m a pro. Both of his hands were clutching cardboard coffee trays, each one holding four, relatively heavy coffee cups. His portfolio was shoved under one arm and the strap of his bag was teetering on the edge of his opposite shoulder. He was standing in front of the door to Blaine’s apartment style dorm, which was unfortunately shut tight. He planned on surprising Blaine, so he hadn’t texted him to let him know he was coming over and the spare key that Blaine had given him (albeit, illegally) was buried at the bottom of his bag. He had no other choice but to kick the door a few times with his boot, in replacement of knocking

                Blaine’s roommate Aaron whipped the door open, startling Kurt. Aaron’s blonde hair was completely flattened on one side of his head, his shirt was on inside out and his eyes were bleary.

                “What the hell?!” he whined, scowling furiously at the apparently interruption in his beauty sleep.

                “Good morning, Aaron. You’re looking fresh and wide awake this morning, as per usual,” Kurt said, brushing past the boy and entering the kitchen, where he dropped everything he was holding onto the table.

                “Oh…sorry, Kurt,” Aaron apologized meekly.

                “It’s alright. I realize that 9am might seem early to those who enjoy staying up until well past midnight playing videos and eating cold pizza. This includes all of you, except Blaine. So I brought you all coffee from Starbucks on my way over.”

                “Oh please, Kurt,” Aaron scoffed, “Blaine eats cold pizza and plays video games until 3am like the rest of us. Plus, all of us have been up late studying for finals. We haven’t touched the X-box in like, a week.”

                “I know, Aaron. I’m just teasing. You’ve all been working very hard and I can imagine how stressed you’ve all been, seeing as these are your first set of college finals.”

                Kurt walked over to the fridge and pulled out the container of half & half cream with Blaine’s name written on it. (The boys drank so much coffee that they were going through a carton a week, so they all decided to buy their own).  Kurt quickly added the right amount of cream and sugar to Blaine’s medium roast and grabbed his own non-fat mocha and his bag before heading down the hall to Blaine’s room.

                Blaine had truly lucked out with getting the single room in an apartment style dorm with two other shared rooms. Blaine had played the, “I’ve got a boyfriend and he’s probably going to come over a lot” card and the “I’m learning how to help sick people” card to snatch the single room. All of Blaine’s roommates were at NYU on varsity sports scholarships and most of them had undeclared majors, so they were mostly taking random electives, sciences and maths while playing basketball, or swimming or whatever.

                Blaine’s Music Therapy program, on the other hand, was quite vigorous. Blaine was forced to take first year psychology, along with his required math, science and English courses this semester so he could focus on his more program-focused courses next semester. He also volunteered at the children’s hospital on the weekends and he worked part time at a music store that was five minutes away from campus. Kurt knew what it was like to experience college finals for the first time. Blaine was most likely a strung out, stressed out mess of a person, so Kurt decided to come over and distract him for a couple of hours before his first exam.

Kurt rapped gently on Blaine’s door before pushing it open. “Hi, sweetie! I grabbed coffee for you and the boys on the way over. I figured you could probably use a little pick me up before your exam later.”

Kurt paused in the doorway and let out a loud gasp. Blaine’s room was a disaster area. Books and papers were scattered over every surface of the room. Blaine was hunched over his desk, which was covered with empty coffee cups and more papers. Blaine hadn’t even flinched when he had entered the room; Kurt figured he was probably plugged into his iPod, which was probably blasting the mindless pop songs that strangely allowed Blaine to focus on his work.

“Blaine Anderson if you think I am going to allow you to keep your dorm room in a state such as this, you are sorely mistaken. You can also think again about moving in with me next year if you plan to treat our future living conditions like this every time finals come up,” scolded Kurt, raising his voice to a decibel that made Blaine spin around quickly in his chair to face him.

“Kurt? What are you doing here?” Blaine asked. His voiced was gravelly and rough from misuse.

“Oh, Blaine. When’s the last time you slept? Or left your bedroom?”

Blaine’s eyes were bloodshot and sleepy, with dark bags underneath them. Blaine’s skin was pale and his curls were pushed up at odd angles. There was a pencil stuck behind his ear and…was that a pencil stuck in his hair? Several multi-coloured sticky-notes were stuck to various parts of his body and the book in his hands was covered in bright little tabs.

Kurt rushed over to him and placed the coffees on the desk. He dropped his bag on the floor and cupped Blaine’s jaw with his hands. His thumbs pressed lightly to the dark circles under his boyfriends eyes. Blaine smiled sleepily and nuzzled into Kurt’s warm hands.

“Hmmm….I don’t know, Kurt. Yesterday, maybe?”

“Blaine. Did you sleep last night?” Kurt asked seriously.

“No…” Blaine sighed. “I tried, but then I kept going through everything in my mind and there was always something I wanted to double check. Before I knew it, it was morning.”

“Blaine,” said Kurt, picking sticky notes off of Blaine, “You can’t go into an exam with no sleep. You’ll bomb it. You need a nap.”

“But Kurt…” Blaine whined, reaching for the collection of little papers and pencils that Kurt grabbed off of his person.

“No, Blaine. We are going to clean off this bed and you are going to take a nap. I will wake you up an hour and a half before your exam so you can shower and eat. Then you are going to come to my apartment without your books and you are going to relax for the weekend. Alright? I miss my boyfriend. And all of this excess studying is doing more harm than good.”

Blaine sleepily leaned towards Kurt and rested his head against Kurt’s belly. He tilted his head up to look Kurt in the eye.

“Miss you too. Finals are evil.”

Kurt leaned down and pressed his lips quickly to Blaine’s in an upside down kiss.

 “Indeed they are, my love. Now come on. Get up and help me gather all of these papers so you can actually lie down on the bed.”

Blaine dragged himself upwards and slowly walked towards the bed. He started to gather his papers in a messy pile and not even bothering to organize them properly. Kurt clucked his tongue, but didn’t say anything. He figured that the faster he gets his boyfriend in bed and under the covers, the better off he’ll be for his exam later.

“We should try those more often…” Blaine mused quietly as he placed his papers on the desk.

“Try what, Blaine?”

“Spiderman kisses.”

“Spiderman..? Oh!” The memory of a steamy upside down kiss between Mary-Jane and Spiderman entered his mind. He smiled. The movie had been one of the first that the two of them had watched together as a couple (it was family movie night and it was Finn’s choice). There had been a lot of awkward cuddling, but as he though back to it, it was pretty cute.

“Sure, B, maybe when you’re not so tired. Now, get under the covers.”

Blaine lifted the corner of his comforter and climbed clumsily into bed.  He yawned loudly and snuggled into his pillows, which immediately made Kurt’s heart melt in adoration.

A sleepy Blaine is most adorable thing in the world, he thought.

Blaine’s eyes closed almost immediately and walked quietly over to the desk.

Blaine’s going to hate himself when he realizes that all of his notes are out of order, he thought. He had several hours until he promised to wake Blaine, so he figured that he could try and organize his boyfriend’s notes, just so Blaine wouldn’t have to worry when he woke up.

“Kurt, what are you doing?” Blaine mumbled from the bed.

“Nothing, Blaine. Go to sleep.”

“Kuuurrt, get over here right now,” Blaine whined.  “You’ve been working just as hard and me. I think we both deserve cuddles and a nap.”

“Oh, fine. But just for a little bit. I have some reviewing to do, since I didn’t stay up all night like someone I know.

“And love,” Blaine added.

“And love,” Kurt agreed, as he climbed under the covers and snuggled next to his boyfriend.

Blaine tucked himself under Kurt’s chin and wrapped an arm around his torso. Kurt pulled Blaine tight towards his side and brushed his nose in Blaine’s fluffy curls. He sighed quietly and rubbed Blaine’s back.

The two of them fell asleep within minutes.

Author’s Note:

What better way to deal with upcoming finals than writing some adorable fluffy Klaine? This little ficlet is based directly off of a drawing by Jackie (Muchacha11). I thought it was super adorable. Also did you see the picture that Jackie based off of A Broken Fall? I might have cried. You can see it here. (She used my ff.net penname) I wish I had a Kurt to take care of me when I’m all stressed with finals. Although…I’ve been told that I’m not necessarily nice when I am stressed so…Two years of Nursing down, two to go! Thanks for reading! Also, any info about dorms and such have been based off of the dorms that my friends have lived in at my University.

Fic: Dissolved

Title: Dissolved
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Some swearing. References to past incidences with bullying.
Word count: 6000 ish
Summary: Blaine gets called away from Kurt's house to have a serious discussion with his parents. Blaine ends up having a very emotional afternoon and Kurt comes over to comfort him.
Author's Note: This fic is set in my A Broken Fall 'verse, right after Don't Push Me. I highly suggest reading A Broken Fall and Don't Push Me before reading this fic, but I don't think it's entirely necessary. This fic is Blaine centered.

“I’m home!” Blaine called out into the foyer, the sound echoing through the expanse of the empty space. He closed the door behind him and shivered slightly as the cool air of the house hit his sun warmed skin. School had ended a few weeks prior and the temperatures continued to rise as June turned into July. Blaine lifted the hem of the plain white t-shirt he was wearing to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. He wiped his sweaty palms on the front of his plaid shorts and kicked his flip-flops in the general direction of the coat closet.

                He wandered into the kitchen, hissing as the cold tile hit the bottom of his feet. Ever since moving back home to Lima after Dalton let out for the summer, Blaine had spent the majority of his time at Kurt’s house, which was barely a 20 minute walk from his house. Although, it had been sunny and slightly cool this morning before he had left to go to Kurt’s house, the temperature had risen to a blistering heat. He was thankful that Kurt had slapped some sunscreen on his skin before he had left the Hummels’; if he hadn’t, he was sure his skin would be burnt a painful red.

 He had been up earlier than usual that morning, thanks to his neighbour mowing their lawn at 8am.  He decided to walk over to Kurt’s house instead of driving over since the weather had been so nice. He had planned to go over later on in the morning to help Kurt prepare some dishes for the pool party they were holding the next day, so he figured that arriving a few hours early wouldn’t hurt. Kurt, Burt and Carole were all early risers and he knew that Kurt would be making pancakes or waffles or something like he usually did on the weekends.

                Blaine was greeted at the door by Burt, who was clutching a mug filled with steaming black coffee.

                “Morning kiddo,” said Burt as he opened the door. “I didn’t think Kurt was expecting you this early.”

                Blaine shrugged and smiled. “He isn’t. I woke up pretty early this morning and instead of moping around at home I figured I’d walk over and see if Kurt was making some of his famous pancakes.”

                Burt laughed and shook his head. He stepped away from the door and gestured Blaine inside of the house.

                As soon as Blaine walked into the house, the smell of cinnamon and vanilla hit his noise and he practically groaned.

                Pancakes today, definitely pancakes.

                Kurt liked to put generous amounts of cinnamon and vanilla into his pancakes and Blaine swore they tasted like heaven. He followed Burt into the kitchen to find Kurt humming along to whatever song he was listening to on the earphones in his ears. For such an early hour, Kurt looked like his normal perfection. His hair was swept up and away from his forehead in a little faux-hawk that Blaine absolutely adored. Kurt had been resistant to the new hairstyle at first. Well…not so much resistant. More like angry. Kurt had been forced to see a new hairdresser when his old one had moved to Columbus and she had cut his hair entirely too short for Kurt to style his hair into the normal swoop to the side. It took a couple of days before Kurt warmed up to his new haircut and he later confessed to Blaine that his hair was a lot easier to style and the cut accentuated his cheekbones.

                Kurt’s back was turned to him, mixing a bowl of batter in front of him. While Blaine wanted to creep up behind his boyfriend and wrap his arms around his torso for a hug, he risked scaring Kurt, which would probably end badly…as in the bowl of pancake batter would either end up spilled on the counter, spilled on Kurt’s outfit, or spilled on the floor. Blaine knew he couldn’t risk it.

                “Kurt!” he called out, hoping to break Kurt out of the other world he was in without scaring him.

                Kurt apparently had whatever music he was listening to up loud enough as he didn’t even flinch when Blaine called his name.

                “Kurt! Turn around!”


                Burt laughed quietly at Blaine’s exasperation and Blaine scowled at him.

“Kurt, Blaine’s here,” said Burt loudly, his deep voice resonating through the kitchen and apparently through Kurt’s earphones, as he put down the whisk he was using and turned around.

“Pardon?” said Kurt, taking out one of his earphones as he faced his dad. “Oh! Hi Blaine!” he said, eyes sparkling. “I wasn’t expecting you!”

Blaine smiled and reached forward to pull Kurt in a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I was up early and I decided to walk over and see if I could steal a few pancakes before Finn woke up.”

Kurt laughed and patted Blaine’s cheek playfully. “You got here just in time! I was just about to start pouring the batter on the griddle. Finn will probably wake up as soon as the scent of baking pancakes hit his nose, but you can get first dibs because you’re going to help set the table.” Burt cleared his throat in a gentle reminder of the manners that Kurt was currently lacking. “I mean…can you please help set the table while I watch the pancakes, Blaine?”

“I’d do anything to get first dibs on Kurt Hummel’s famous pancakes,” Blaine said seriously. Kurt rolled his eyes and turned back towards the counter.

“I know Blaine.”

                After setting the table quickly, Carole and a sleepy Finn joined the rest of the family in the kitchen. Blaine managed to stuff himself full of four delicious pancakes before Kurt could even sit down to eat, so he took over the griddle while Kurt sat down and ate his breakfast.

                “Such a gentleman,” Carole murmured as Kurt sat down with his plate. Blaine’s cheeks flushed red and Kurt smiled widely as he replied, “Isn’t he just?”

                After breakfast, Kurt and Blaine spent a few hours putting together potato and macaroni salads, along with some devilled eggs and marinating some veggies they planned to grill in substitution for the burgers, hot dogs and sausages that Rachel would refuse to eat.

                As the boys were just about to sit down, Blaine’s phone went off with a call from home.

                “Hello?” he answered. Normally Blaine’s parents didn’t contact him unless they needed something and even then it was usually a text message, not a phone call.

                “Hi darling, are you still at Kurt’s?” asked his mother.

                “Yes, is everything okay Mom? You don’t usually call me.”

                Blaine heard his mother exhale quietly into the phone. “Everything is fine, Blaine. It’s not an emergency, but I would like you to come home, please. Your father and I have to discuss something with you.”

                “Oh…” said Blaine. “Do you need me to come home right now?”

                “Yes, Blaine. It would be ideal.”

                “Sure, Mom. I walked to Kurt’s, so I’ll be home in 20 minutes, okay?”

                “We’ll see you soon, darling.”

                Blaine hung up and stared at his phone, trying not to panic.

                Suddenly, Kurt’s warm hand was squeezing his knee comfortingly.

                “Is everything okay, Blaine?”

                Blaine looked away from the screen of his phone into Kurt’s eyes, which were filled with worry.

                “I don’t know…My parents want to talk to me about something, but my mom said it wasn’t an emergency or anything…” Blaine stood up from the couch, itching to get home.

                “Will you call me as soon as you know?” asked Kurt, who stood up to stand right in front of Blaine.

                “Of course I will Kurt, I bet it’s not even that bad and we’d have worried for no reason.”

                Kurt smiled slightly and pulled Blaine into a hug. Blaine allowed himself to melt into Kurt’s arms for a few seconds before pulling away. Kurt pressed a quick kiss to his lips and wrapped his hands around Blaine’s arms, as if to anchor him.

                “Do you want me to drive you home?” asked Kurt.

                “No…it’s nice outside. I told my mom I wouldn’t be home for 20 minutes anyway. I’ll be fine.”

                Kurt looked out the window for a moment and frowned. “Did you bring any sunglasses with you?”

                “No…I didn’t think to bring them. I should have…”

                “Stay here for a minute; I’ll let you borrow a pair of mine. I can’t have you burning your retinas while you walk. Not to mention you’ll be burned to a crisp if I let you walk out of here without some sunblock.”

                Within a few minutes, Kurt was back in the living room. He was holding a pair of sky blue knock-off Ray Bans and a bottle of his favourite sunscreen.

                “Here, you can borrow these. And by borrow, I mean keep them for as long as you would like because I will never wear them in my lifetime.”

                Kurt slipped the frames onto Blaine’s face and Blaine’s blinked a few times to adjust to the new shade the glasses provided in the house.

                “But Kurt! I won these for you at the County Fair last week. I spent 5$ trying to knock the stupid bottles down so I could get them for you.”

                Kurt squeezed some of the sunscreen into his palms before rubbing them together and starting to apply the cream to Blaine’s arms.

                “Blaine, I didn’t ask you to win them for me.”

                “I know, but they matched the shirt you were wearing that day and I thought they would look cute on you, which they did.”

                “They’re tacky, Blaine,” said Kurt, who continued to rub the sunscreen into Blaine’s skin.

                “You wore them at the time,” Blaine pointed out.

                Kurt blushed and moved towards Blaine’s neck and the part of Blaine’s chest that was peeking out from the collar of his shirt.

                “I…well…Okay…fine. I wore them because you tried really hard to win them for me and it was nice of you to do that for me. And they did match my shirt.”

                Blaine smiled goofily and kissed the tip of Kurt’s nose.

                “You’re sweet.”

                “No, you’re the sweet one. I’m just the one who has to put up with your silliness and let you down gently when I ruin your plans.”

                “That is not true Kurt Hummel and you know it.”

                “Take off the glasses so I can put sunscreen on your face.” Blaine complied happily and let his boyfriend rub the sunscreen into the skin.

                When he was done, Blaine slipped on the sunglasses once more and walked towards the front door.

                “Thank you for having me over, as always,” he said to Kurt.

                “Blaine, you don’t have to thank me for having you over. How many times do I have to tell you?”

                “Okay…well. Thank you for making me pancakes this morning and being the best boyfriend I could ever ask for.”

                Kurt smiled and kissed him quickly. “That’s better. And you’re welcome. I could say the same for you.”

                “I guess, but if I tried to make you pancakes I would burn the house down. So I won’t try.”

                “That would probably be best.”

                Blaine nodded and gripped the door handle. Before opening the door, he leaned towards Kurt and whispered, “I’ll bring back the glasses tomorrow,” before he opened the door and left, leaving a flustered Kurt standing in the foyer.

                “We’re in the dining room, Blaine!” his mother called out. He stopped to get a glass of water from the fridge before walking into the formal dining room.

                His mother and father were sitting beside each other on one side of the table with a slew of papers spread in front of them.

                “Blaine, please sit down,” his father asked, nodding sharply towards the chair in front of him.

                Blaine took a deep breath and complied with his father’s request. Even though he had been out of school for a couple of weeks already, Blaine had seen his father for less than a handful of times. Blaine wasn’t complaining, though. Maxwell Anderson was a strict business man. His hair was consistently sleek and slicked back with the same gel that he had pressed into Blaine’s hands the day he was dropped off at Dalton Academy for the first time. He was rarely seen without wearing some sort of business attire or carrying a brief case. He was consistently away for business, which Blaine was forever thankful for.

                His father had always struggled with the fact that his only son was gay and it was apparently to practically everyone that came across. Since coming out to his parents, the only fatherly interaction between Maxwell and Blaine had been during the summer in which the two of them tried to rebuild a car together. Since then, the interactions between Blaine and his father had been focussed around school and work. Maxwell barely even held an interest in Blaine’s boyfriend and he had remained simply polite when Kurt had come over for dinner. He had barely acknowledged him and Kurt had told him later on that Burt would be willing to do father-son type things with him whenever he wanted.

                Blaine has hugged Kurt close to him and tried to hide his tears.

                “What’s going on?” Blaine asked, looking back and forth between his parents. His mother’s hands were clasped tightly together on the table. Her forehead was creased with worry and her face was free of makeup, which magnified the black circles underneath her pretty green eyes.

                “After much discussion and many sleepless nights, your father and I have decided to get a divorce.”

                Blaine’s mouth jaw dropped with shock. Both of his parents sat stoic across from him, his mother giving him a sad smile and his father’s expression remaining blank.

                “Are you serious?”

                “Yes, Blaine. We’ve discussed it extensively and we’ve both decided that this is the best decision for our relationship,” his father replied.

                “Oh, okay.” Blaine knew that he should feel sad or upset right now, but he couldn’t find it in himself to feel that way. It was obvious that his parents’ relationship had been struggling for the past couple of years, but for some reason he never really imagined that they would get divorced.

                “So what’s going to happen now?”

                “Well, Blaine. I’ve accepted a position at the New York firm, and I will be moving there. We’ve decided that your mother will continue to keep the house and that you will live here with her, as per usual.”

                “You’re moving to New York? When?”

                “I’m leaving for the airport shortly.”

                “Oh…that was fast,” Blaine said, looking over at his father.

                “We’ve been discussing this for a while Blaine, but we didn’t want to say anything until the papers were given to us for finalizing the divorce,” said his father.

                “Are you alright with this Blaine? Is there anything you’d like to talk about?” his mother asked with a worry-tinged voice.

                “What about Dalton? Or college? Will I be able to keep my Jeep?”

                Sara reached over to clasp Blaine’s hand in here. “Nothing has changed, doll. You’ll still be attending Dalton and you’ll be able to keep your Jeep, of course.”

                “In regards to college tuition, your mother and I have decided that I will be paying for your college tuition exclusively. Since my salary will be increasing a significant amount with my new job and I won’t be helping with the costs around the house, I’ll be able to pay your tuition in full.”

                Blaine’s heart sunk. While his father’s offer was certainly generous, Blaine was afraid that with the familial ties to his college education, he would be forced into a law or business degree that he didn’t want to take.

                Maxwell seemed to pick up on Blaine’s hesitation with the offer. He looked over to Sara, who gave him a stern look and a little nod towards Blaine. He cleared his throat and looked over to his son.

                “Blaine…I..uh..” he stammered.

                He paused, clearly struggling with whatever he was trying to say. Blaine’s father had always been stern, well-spoken and eloquent. He wasn’t one to skirt around issues; preferring to get straight to the point. Blaine was intrigued and a little terrified to hear what his father had to say. He was assuming it would be some sort of ultimatum, or condition in order to gain the funds his father was willing to provide for him to get a “proper” college education.

                “Darling, what your father is attempting to say is that he’s had a stern talking to from me and that he is completely willing to support and pay for whatever college program you decide to apply to. Whether it is in New York, or California. For music or medicine. Whatever you like, right Max?”

                Blaine held his breath and looked over towards his father who was…smiling? Was he actually smiling at him right now?

                “Really?” Blaine asked, his voice lilting with disbelief.

                “Really,” his father replied.

                “Do you promise?”

                “Blaine, I promise. I could never change my mind after seeing the expression on your face right now,” he laughed. “Not to mention that I’d rather not face your mother’s wrath.”

                Blaine laughed quietly and looked over to his mother, who was smiling softly. Her eyes looked sad, though and Blaine wondered if she was doing alright with the impending divorce. His parents had been married for almost 20 years and it was only in the last 5 or 6 years that Blaine noticed a shift in their relationship. Obviously, he knew that the decision had to be mutual…but he couldn’t help but wonder if his mother was feeling any kind of heartbreak. He could see that his father was dealing with the divorce as best as he could. He had a new life waiting for him in New York; Sara would be stuck in Ohio in a house full of memories. Blaine would be back at Dalton in September and he was sure she would try to drown herself in her work.

                “Blaine…there’s also something else that both myself and your father want to discuss with you,” said his mother, interrupting his thoughts.

                “What is it?”

                “Well, I know that we’ve talked quite a bit about applying to school in New York. And I know that Kurt is also planning to apply to school in New York…”


                “Well…” Sara looked over at Maxwell, who smiled slightly and nodded. “We’ve decided that the two of us will split the cost for a proper apartment for you to live in, instead of the dorms. We both know how difficult it can be to study and perform well when the entirety of the population of your dorm building is partying until 2am.”

                “Okay…and what does Kurt have to do with this? Other than him coming to visit,” asked Blaine, completely missing the point.

                “Blaine, we’ve talked to Burt and Carole and they are both willing to let you and Kurt share the apartment if the both of you end up in New York.”

                “What?!” Blaine swore his jaw almost hit the table. “You’re going to pay for an apartment for me and Kurt to live in? Are you serious right now?”

                “Very serious, darling. I know it might seem like we’re jumping the gun a little here, but we all know that you and Kurt are in it for the long haul.”

                “Wow…” he breathed. The concept of time seemed completely foreign to him at the moment because all he could think about was waking up to Kurt in a bed that was theirs to share and making pancakes in their own tiny little kitchen and maybe even adopting a kitten (every time him and Kurt passed the pet store in the mall, Kurt dragged him to the little cage set up for the kittens that were waiting to be adopted. Kurt would sit there for hours peering into the cage at the sleepy kitten, putting his fingers through the slats and petting their soft fur with his fingertips).

                “Also, you’re welcome to come visit later on this summer, or during the year next year whenever you like. I highly suggest touring the colleges you are interested in applying to; so you are very welcome to stay with me and we can set something up. Kurt can come too, if he’d like to,” said his father.

                “Thanks, Dad. That’s really nice of you....” he said quietly. Blaine wasn’t used to this sudden generosity and acceptance from his father. Maybe mom finally managed to hammer it into his head, he thought. Visiting his father on his own, or with Kurt, wasn’t especially ideal, but the fact that he was willing to have him and his boyfriend stay was something he would have never imagined. Suddenly, the thought of being forced to visit his father on mandatory dates entered his mind. Would he have to be that kid who was shuffled from one place to another for holidays?

                “Um…what’s going to happen with holidays and stuff? Am I going to have to split my holidays between you or something like that?”

                “Oh..no, darling. We wouldn’t put you through the stress of that. You’re practically an adult and we decided that it would be better if you made your own decisions.”

                Blaine shot a desperate look towards his mother. If he was left to his own decisions, Blaine would never choose to be shuttled to New York for a holiday alone with his father. He’d rather spend Christmas in London with his mother’s family, have a quiet Christmas at home with his mom, or even spend Christmas with the Hummels (where he knew he’d be graciously accepted and his mother would be invited along as well) than be forced to attend a holiday dinner with his father’s homophobic family.

                His dad must have picked up on his distress because he was quick to reassure Blaine that he shouldn’t feel stressed out about deciding where to spend holidays.

                “Blaine, I know that some of the best holidays we’ve had as a family were spent alone at home, or in London. Please do not feel forced to pick and choose where to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You should spend time with your mother; god knows the two of you will barely see each other once school starts back up again. But, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to see you around the holidays, maybe even in between.”

                “Sure, Dad. Of course,” he says quickly, relieved that he wouldn’t be obligated to choose between his parents.

                “Alright then, we should finish this up. My taxi will be arriving soon,” said Maxwell, clapping his hands.

                “Right, of course,” Sara replied. “Blaine, is there anything you would like to discuss before we sign these papers? Anything at all?”

                “N-No…go ahead,” he replied. Who was he to stop his parents from stopping his parents from making their divorce final? It’s not that he wasn’t hoping from some sort of relief from the unrelenting tension in his home for years and if it had to result in the divorced of his parents…then so be it.

                The only think that he couldn’t shake from his mind was the sadness that was present in his mother’s eyes.

                With a quick flick of a pen, his parent’s marriage was dissolved. The dining room was drowned in silence as his parents triple checked the important papers for anything that they might have missed. Blaine fidgeted in his seat and wished he could put a name to the emotions that were swirling in his mind. There was a strange pressure behind his eyes and his throat was feeling a little tight. He felt a little like crying but a little like crying.

                Obviously, he was ridiculous. But truly, they were his parents. He had so many wonderful years with the both of them until he came out and then everything just went downhill from there. It was so hard to handle for so long of a time and he was confident that everything would become a lot easier now…but still.

                “Alright, I guess we’re finished up here. I’ll go gather my things,” said Maxwell as he stood up from the table, leaving Blaine and his mother alone.

                His mother stood up as well and gathered the papers that were scattered along the length of it, stacking them and placing them in an envelope that was most likely being sent to his parents’ lawyer.

                “Mom…” Blaine called quietly. “Are you okay?”

                Sara’s eyes widened in surprise at Blaine’s concern, “I’m fine darling. I’ve had a long time to come to terms with this decision. It’s been inevitable, really.”

                “Are you sure…?”

                His mother didn’t have a chance to answer him, as a loud honk outside of the house startled the both of them. The two of them made their way into the foyer, where a stack of suitcases stood near the door. Maxwell came barrelling down the stairs, wiping sweat off of his forehead with the sleeve of his dress shirt.

                “Well…I guess it’s time to say goodbye,” he says, wringing his hands and looking at Sara and Blaine with eyes void of emotion.

                “Safe travels, Max. We’ll be in contact. Take care of yourself, darling,” said Blaine’s mother, wincing at the last word like she forgot that she wasn’t supposed to use terms of endearment anymore towards her husband. Her ex-husband.

                Maxwell leaned over and kissed her cheek. He whispered something into her ear that Blaine couldn’t catch. His mother stepped away from him and walked up the stairs, leaving Blaine alone with his father.

                They looked at each other for a few quiet moments, the honk of the horn outside prompting his father to speak up.

                “Blaine…I know that in the last couple of years we haven’t had the best relationship. I hope that the space that will be between will make our relationship stronger. I promise you that I am going to try my hardest not to let you drift away. Can you promise me that you’ll try to not let me drift away? That we’ll work together to make this better?”

                “I-I promise,” Blaine replied, his voice cracking with emotion.

                “Come here and give me a hug before I leave, son,” said Maxwell, opening his arms out wide.

                Blaine walked into his father’s embrace tentatively. He couldn’t remember the last time he actually hugged his father. His father’s arms were wrapped tight around him and Blaine was trying his best not to cry.

                “Take care of your mother. Make sure she doesn’t work too hard, alright Blaine?”

                “Okay,” he replied softly.

                They broke away from the embrace and stood facing each other yet again. “I’d better get going before the car drives away.”

                “Do you need any help?” asked Blaine.

                “No, it’s fine, Blaine. You should go check on your mom, make sure she’s alright up there,” he replied, nodding towards the staircase behind Blaine.

                Blaine nodded and stepped towards the staircase, prepared to leave his father to make his way out the door.

                “Blaine, wait!” he called out. Blaine turned towards him, eyebrows rising in wonder. ‘I’ll text you later alright? And I’ll email you once I get settled. Okay?”

                “Sure, Dad.”


                “Yeah, Dad?”

                “I love you.”

                Did he actually just say that? Blaine stood still for a moment in shock, before replying with a shaky “I love you too.”

                With a quick smile and a small wave goodbye, Maxwell picked up his bags and left.

                Blaine sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands. His eyes were prickling with impending tears and he felt like an emotional wreck. While the gesture was nice, Blaine would have felt a lot more comforted from a hug and an “I love you” when he was struggling with his sexuality; not when his father was finally leaving after years of tension and turmoil in the household.

                Still, it meant something. Maybe the space between them will make their relationship stronger.

                After a little while, Blaine decided to go upstairs and check on his mom. Her bedroom door was open, but when he poked his head into the room, he noticed that the door to the master bathroom was closed. A loud humming noise filled the room and Blaine realized that his mom was having have a bubble bath with the jacuzzi jets on.

                I guess the day has been emotionally taxing for the both of us.

                Blaine left his mother’s room and walked towards his own, preparing to face plant on the mattress and maybe take a nap. Before he could do so, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He took it out and saw that he had a few missed texts from Kurt.

From Kurt: Hey! Hope you got home alrightJ xox <3

From Kurt: It’s been a while. Text me when everything is over and done with. Love you xoxo.

 Instead of replying to Kurt’s texts, he decided to call him.

 The phone rang once before Kurt answered the phone with a worried, “Blaine? Is everything alright?”


                “Did something bad happen? Did someone die?” asked Kurt in a panicked voice.

                “No, no, nothing like that,” Blaine soothed. “My…my parents are getting a divorce.”

                “Oh...Blaine, I’m sorry. Do you want to talk about it?”

                “Can you come over? I don’t want to talk about it over the phone and I don’t really want to leave my mom alone.”

                “Is she doing okay? I’m sure this must be hard on her.”

                “I don’t know. She’s having a bubble bath. I haven’t had the chance to talk to her yet about it.”

                “Maybe I shouldn’t come over Blaine…”

                “Kurt, please…” he asked desperately. “I really want to talk to you. I’m sure she won’t mind. She loves you and I think she’ll understand that I need to talk to you.”

                “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

                “Love you, Kurt.”

                “Love you too, B. See you soon.”

                Blaine decided to occupy himself by scrolling through his tumblr dashboard while he waited for his boyfriend.

                He spent a few minutes reblogging pictures of nice looking bowties and Harry Potter quotes until he heard Kurt pull up in the driveway from his open window. He had sent Kurt a quick text telling him to not bother knocking at the door and just to walk in the house.

                Blaine scrolled through a couple more posts before he heard Kurt’s footsteps approaching his bedroom.

                Kurt rapped lightly on the doorframe with his knuckles before walking into Blaine’s bedroom.

                Before Kurt could even greet him, Blaine got up from the bed and walked quickly over to Kurt and wrapping his arms around him in a tight hug.

                “Hi, B,” Kurt said softly in his ear. “I’m here now, it’s okay.”

                “Can we just hug for a few minutes?” Blaine asked desperately. “Please?”

                “Of course.”

                Blaine gripped tightly onto his boyfriend and pushed his face into Kurt’s neck, breathing in his scent. One of Kurt’s hands cupped the back of his neck and his fingers tangled into Blaine’s curled. The other hand was pressed firmly and comfortingly between his shoulder blades.

                “Blaine, if you want to cry, you can. I can tell that you’re upset. Let go. It’s just me here with you.”

                So Blaine let go and he’s never been so thankful to have Kurt in his life.

                Once Blaine had calmed down and Kurt made them both a cup of tea, Blaine started to talk about the divorce. He had told Kurt all about the plan for college in New York and the apartment that would be there if they wanted it.

                “Apparently both our parents think we are in this for the long haul.” Blaine took a sip of tea and amusedly watched Kurt’s eyes brighten and his smile widen.

                “Well…don’t you think so?” asked Kurt.

                “I’ve had no doubt about it. What about you?”

                “Same here.”

                They grinned at each other before simultaneously leaning in for a quick kiss.

                “I still can’t believe your parents are willing to do that for us. Not to mention that my parents are in on the plan and haven’t said anything to me!” exclaimed Kurt.

                “I know. It’s great though, isn’t it?” asked Blaine, looking over at Kurt fondly.

                “It’s really is! I honestly would have never seen it coming, especially from your dad.”

                “It’s weird, isn’t it?” Blaine mused. “I think I almost fell off my chair.”

                “I guess your mom finally convinced him to let you be yourself.”

                “I think he’s actually trying though…he hugged me goodbye before he left.”

                Kurt arched and eyebrow in surprise. “Really?”

                “He um…he also told me he loved me.”

                “Oh…Blaine, really? He did? That’s so great, honey.” Kurt placed down his mug of tea before snuggling into Blaine’s arms. “That must have given you quite the shock.”

                Blaine curled an arm around Kurt’s shoulder and tucked himself closer. “Well, that’s one word for it.”

                “When the last time you heard that from him, hmm?” asked Kurt.

                “I don’t remember,” he replied sadly.

                Kurt hugged Blaine tight before saying, “At least he said it now. And I know he meant it.”

                Blaine chose not to say anything and instead focused on the feeling of Kurt tucked in his arms.

                Blaine would have drifted off to sleep if his mother’s fond chuckle from the doorway broke him of the daze he was in.

                “Well, aren’t you two just the cutest thing,” she said.

                Kurt detached himself from Blaine and they both sat up straighter on the bed.

                “Is it okay that I invited Kurt over, mom? I would have asked but you were having a bath and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

                Sara walked into the room and perched on the bed next to the boys. She brushed her hand through Blaine’s curls and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

                “Of course it’s alright, darling. I figured Kurt would be paying us a visit, with the emotional afternoon we’ve had today.”

                “Apparently my hugs are like magic, or something in these types of situations” said Kurt cheekily.

                “No, your hugs are always like magic,” said Blaine, pushed into Kurt’s shoulder playfully.

                “Well, I could use a few magic hugs, if that’s alright,” said Sara, looking hopefully at the two boys. Blaine and Kurt looked at each other before both getting up and tackling Blaine’s mom with a hug.

                She laughed lightly and squeezed the boys, patting them both on the back. “Thank you, loves. I needed that.”

                Kurt and Blaine hugged her again before letting her go. The smile on her face wiped away any remaining stress Blaine had from the day’s events. As long as his mom was doing alright, he knew he’d be alright.

                “Now, how about I order some Thai food and we have a cheesy rom com movie marathon? And eat ice cream,” Blaine’s mom suggested.            

                “Sounds like the best kind of night,” said Blaine. Kurt nodded happily and grabbed his mother’s hand, dragging her out of the room and down the stairs while spouting movie ideas at her.

                Blaine smiled at the sight.

Yeah, we’ll be alright.

Author’s Note:

                Well hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed reading this little one shot that I had stuck in my head. Just want to give you a quick reminder that you can read more about Blaine’s parents in both A Broken Fall and in Don’t Push Me. (Also, I realize as I am writing this that I forgot to check and see if I named Blaine’s father something other than Maxwell, so if you remember, please let me know and I’ll fixt it!) Also I want to remind you that Blaine’s mom is essentially Dr. O’Hara from Nurse Jackie, except without the bad behaviour. (She’s also has an English accent). I’d love to hear your thoughts! So please feel free to leave a review, or even just come say hi to me on tumblr! (My URL is rnstudentandagleek). Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me soon! Thanks for reading!

Ficlet: Allspice

Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: G
Word count: 1,200 ish
Spoilers: None
Summary: Kurt didn't show up at school and Blaine hasn't heard from him all day. Carole calls and leaves him a voicemail. Apparently Kurt had a random allergic reaction and needs some comforting.
Author's Note: This was written for a prompt that my lovely friend Caitlin (Keitorin Asthore on ff.net, redbullandcupcakebatter on tumblr) gave me. This little fic is loosely inspired by her many allergies and the conversation we had one day about her forgetting she was allergic to carrots. I borrowed Francey, (her version of Blaine’s older sister) for a quick minute! Enjoy!

“Blaine! Hi, sweetie. Thanks for coming,” said Carole.

Blaine knew immediately that something was wrong. Carole, who was always the perfect picture of composure and calmness, looked frazzled and exhausted.

“I’ve been worrying all day. Usually Kurt texts me when he knows he won’t be coming to school, but I haven’t heard from him all day. I was so relieved when I got your voicemail, Carole.”

“It’s been a long day, Blaine.” Carole let out a long sigh and led Blaine to sit next to her at the kitchen table. “Last night I picked up a few muffins from the bakery that the boys could eat for breakfast, as a treat.”

“Okay…did Kurt get food poisoning or something?” asked Blaine.

“Unfortunately, he did not. Kurt decided to have one of the carrot walnut muffins this morning for breakfast. Within the span of two bites, his tongue swelled up and he broke out in hives all over his body.”

“What? Oh my god. Is he okay? I thought Kurt didn’t have any allergies!”

“We didn’t think he had any either,” said Carole.

“So what did you do?” Blaine asked, fidgeting in his chair. He hated talking about Kurt like this, even though he was sure Kurt was just upstairs in his bedroom. He knew Carole wouldn’t have invited him over to the house if Kurt was in the hospital or at the Doctor’s office.

“We rushed him to the emergency room. His tongue was so swollen he could barely breathe. They gave him a shot of epinephrine as soon as we walked into Triage. Thankfully the swelling went down within a few minutes,” Carole explained.

Blaine willed his heart to calm down. Just hearing that his boyfriend was having trouble breathing and being rushed to the hospital while he was sitting in math class made his heart pound.

“But he’s okay now, right?” he asked worriedly.

“Oh, honey. He’s fine. He’s just resting upstairs. The doctor decided to do a bunch of allergy tests while they had him admitted and he’s still a little shaken up.”

Blaine shuddered at the mention of the allergy tests. When he was six, he has an allergic reaction to some pineapple and the doctor wanted to figure out if he was allergic to anything else. The doctor pricked him over and over again with needles coated in a different allergen, to see if his skin would react to a wide span of allergens. After many tears and promises of new toys from the toy store, pineapple was the only thing that Blaine was allergic to.

“He must have been really upset about it,” Blaine murmured.

 Kurt was deathly afraid of needles.

“I think he almost broke Burt’s hand, he was squeezing so hard,” said Carole, laughing quietly. “Why don’t you head upstairs?”

“I will, thank you, Carole.”

Blaine headed up the stairs quickly, pausing in front of Kurt’s door. It was slightly ajar, and Blaine could hear Adele’s soothing voice drifting through the crack in the door.

He knocked quietly and entered the room before Kurt could invite him in. His boyfriend was cuddled under the soft cream coloured blanket that Kurt kept draped over the decorative armchair in the corner of his room. A vanilla scented candle was burning on the window (Blaine could tell immediately because the room smelt like home and Kurt and everything wonderful in the world). Kurt had his back to him and Blaine wasn’t even sure if Kurt was awake or not.

He crept quietly into the room and walked around the bed to face Kurt, whose eyes were closed. He was making the quiet little snuffling noises that he always made when he was absolutely dead tired and Blaine smiled fondly. He ran his fingers lightly through Kurt’s tousled hair. From what he could tell, most of Kurt’s face and arms were covered in little red hives and Blaine winced in sympathy. He touched Kurt’s cheek softly and Kurt’s eyes sleepily blinked open.

“Blaine? Is that you?”

Blaine knelt down further and looked straight into Kurt’s sleepy eyes.

                “It’s me, baby. I’m right here.”

                Kurt struggled under the blanket for a moment before sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

                “What are you doing here?” he asked.

                “Carole called me. I was worried about you all day.”

                “I would have texted you, but I dropped my phone when my tongue started to swell and I shattered the screen.” Kurt sniffed and blinked several times, like he was trying to fight off tears.

                “I’m so sorry about today, Kurt. I wish I could have been there. You must have been so scared.”

                Suddenly Kurt burst out in tears, flung himself at Blaine and wrapped his shaking arms tightly around his torso. Blaine almost fell backwards with the force but managed to keep his balance and guide himself and Kurt back onto the bed and propped up on the pillows. Kurt was sobbing into his neck and Blaine was trying to comfort him, rubbing his hands back and forth (lightly) against his shaking back and murmuring sweet words into his ear.

                Kurt calmed down after Blaine told him the story of how Francey force fed him pineapple when he was six and his mom found him playing with his Legos on the kitchen floor covered head to toe with hives. Francey got her Barbies taken away for a week because she kept lying about what she fed Blaine to make him have the allergic reaction.

                They lied in silence for a while, Kurt sniffling occasionally and Blaine running his fingers up and down Kurt’s spine to calm him.

                “I was so scared, Blaine,” Kurt whispered. “I couldn’t breathe and all I could think about was not being able to say goodbye to you.”

                “Oh…Kurt. You actually thought that--”

                “It’s silly, I know. But I was terrified.”

                “You’re safe now, Kurt,” Blaine said softly, squeezing Kurt tightly for a moment.

                “I know,” said Kurt. Blaine felt Kurt’s lips press softly against the base of his throat. “I always feel safe when I’m with you.”

                “Me too.”

                Kurt shuffled up a bit and kissed Blaine soft and sweet on the lips before cuddling back down onto Blaine’s chest.

                “So, did they figure out what you were allergic to?”

                “Allspice, Blaine. I’m allergic to allspice. Isn’t that the weirdest thing to be allergic to? I mean you would think that I would have ingested it at some point in my life and they would have figured it out.”

                “Maybe you developed it recently. That can happen, you know.”

                “Perhaps. I just don’t understand why they felt the need to prick me with a million needles when there were only a few ingredients in the muffins. Carole called and asked the bakery for the recipe.”

                “Carole tells me that you almost broke your Dad’s hand,” said Blaine, laughing a little.

                “I hate needles, Blaine. I hate them.

                “I know, Kurt.”

                “They figured out I was also allergic to birch trees, Blaine! Birch trees. Was poking me with the birch tree needle even necessary? Ridiculous,” Kurt huffed angrily.

                “Just don’t lick a tree, you’ll be fine.”

                “Shut up, Blaine.”

Blaine laughed and kissed Kurt until the angry expression on his face melted away.

Don't Push Me 11/11 (COMPLETE)

Title: Don't Push Me
Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Never Been Kissed (2x06), Most of the second half of Season 2.
Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of bullying and violence. Nothing too serious.
Word Count: 3,000 ish
Summary: What would happen if the confrontation in Never Been Kissed happened when Blaine and Kurt had already gotten together? Through different perspectives, see how Kurt, his family, friends and boyfriend all deal with the event that shook him to his core.
Author's Note: This story is based in the same 'verse as my story, A Broken Fall, which I highly suggest you read first if you want to get a better understanding of Kurt and Blaine's relationship and how they got together in the first place. A Broken Fall and all other stories in this 'verse can be found at my masterlist. This story is now complete. Thank you to everyone for reading and reviewing. I love you all!


"Are you ready for this?"

"Blaine, I wouldn't have said yes if I knew I couldn't handle it," said Kurt.

Blaine had been pacing the length of Kurt's bedroom nervously since the time he had arrived at Kurt's house. Today was the day that Karfosky would be coming over to Kurt's house to apologize to him and while Kurt had somewhat managed to keep calm, he couldn't help but run various scenarios through his head all night and now he was slightly shaky with the combination of caffeine and lack of sleep.

Kurt knew there couldn't be possibly anything that would go wrong. Karofsky wanted to apologize, to make things right and he still had 15 minutes to primp and preen and make himself look and feel flawless until Karofsky was expected to arrive. The least he could do was look absolutely fabulous while his stomach rolled with nerves in expectation of the meeting.

"I know you can handle it Kurt…I just keep thinking back to that day when you called me, sobbing and terrified, after what he did to you. I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive him, Kurt. I don't know how you'll be able to do it."

"I read in Cosmo that it's unhealthy to hold grudges. All the stress is bad for your heart, and you know I can't risk anything because of our family history," said Kurt, uncapping the bottle of cologne in front of him and spritzing a couple of times into the air and walking back in forth through it.

"Since when do you read Cosmo?" Blaine asks, stopping in the middle of the room and looking at Kurt incredulously.

"I-I….might have picked it up while I was waiting to get my hair cut at the salon," Kurt stammered, cheeks pinking in embarrassment. "Please don't judge me."

Blaine laughed loudly and pulled Kurt into a kiss. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and deepened the kiss. Blaine pulled away after a few seconds and said, "I promise I won't judge you. I may have paged through a few issues with Sierra a couple of times."

"Oh, really? Now…what kind of article is Blaine Anderson interested in reading in an issue of Cosmo? 101 ways to please your man?" asked Kurt playfully.

Blaine leaned in and brushed his lips against Kurt's ear. "Do you really think I need a magazine to tell me how to please my man?"

"Absolutely not," Kurt murmured. "You've been doing fine on your own."

"As have you," Blaine replied.

Before they could lean back in to kiss, the doorbell rang down below and Kurt sprang away from Blaine, heart hammering.

"He's early," he said, voice shaking. Kurt looked into the full length mirror that stood in the corner of his bedroom, assessing his appearance.

Blaine appeared behind him, hooking his chin onto Kurt's shoulder.

"You look amazing," Blaine said quietly.

"Thanks. I didn't doubt it for a second, though," Kurt said confidently. Blaine laughed and grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the door.

"Come on, let's go answer the door before your Dad beats us to it and scares him off."


David had been sitting in the Hummels' driveway for ten minutes before he convinced himself to get out of the truck, walk to the front door and ring the doorbell. He didn't understand why he was so nervous. He hadn't slept well all week; his dreams filled with ugly confrontations and stress. While managing to convince Hudson had been a feat in itself, apologizing to Kurt was going to be the toughest thing he'll ever have to do.

Months of weekly appointments with his therapist had lead him to this point. Learning to open up and actually talk about his feelings took at least a month in itself. Not to mention the two months it took to start writing in the journal that his therapist gave him during their first appointment. He was brave enough to come out to his parents and to talk to a stranger about why he felt the way he did and why he acted so harshly to someone who was completely innocent. Surely he could battle this obstacle, right?

He stood at the door for a good 45 seconds until he heard the sound of pounding footsteps behind it. The door swung open to reveal Burt Hummel, wearing an old flannel shirt and a ball cap on his head. His face was void of expression yet David felt like he was going to throw up. Burt stood silent, waiting for David to say something. He swallowed the words of apology running rapidly through his mind, (I'm so sorry for hurting your son. He never deserved it. I'm sorry for putting you through this), and settled on introducing himself.

"Mr. Hummel, I'm David Karofsky. I'm here to see Kurt." He held out his hand as an act of politeness. Burt grasped it with his own oil stained hand, and shook it roughly.

"Come in. Kurt should be down any second now," said Burt, eyeing David carefully. "But before he comes down, I just want to say that I think you're doing a great thing today, kid. It's never too late to try and mend your mistakes."

"What's great is that Kurt is actually allowing me to do this," he replied, wringing his hands.

"Despite everything he's been through," Burt gave David a pointed look, "he's genuine and kind and gives everyone a chance. You're lucky, or I'm sure you'd have your ass beat down from here to next Sunday."

David just smiled warily and nodded.

"WE'VE GOT THE DOOR!" a voice called out from where David assumed was the second level of the house.

Kurt appeared suddenly at the top of this stairs, his boots stomping loudly on the steps. A boy with curly brown hair followed him.

That must be Kurt's boyfriend, he thought and his heart panged with jealousy. No matter how hard he tried to work through it, knowing Kurt had someone who loved and cared for him as much as this boy did was something he could only wish for.

"Hello, Kurt," he greeted nervously.

Kurt looked shocked as the use of his first name.

Well, I don't blame him. I haven't called him anything but Hummel or something else since I've known him…he thought.

"Hello David, I see you've met my father who was just leaving." Kurt shot an annoyed look at his father, who nodded slightly.

"I'll be at the Garage until dinnertime. Finn's upstairs playing X-box and Carole's working late. I left money on the table if you want to order something for dinner," said Burt, grabbing his keys and heading towards the door. "Call me if you need anything."

"We will Dad, thank you."

The three boys stood awkwardly in the foyer as they waited for Burt to leave.

"I'm sorry about that," said Kurt. "I wasn't intending to let him answer the door, in case he scared you off or something. "

David smiled slightly and shook his head. "I don't think he tried to scare me off, well, not too much."

Kurt scoffed and shook his head. "I would have been down faster but we got a little caught up. Plus you're a little early. Anyways, shall we sit?"

David nodded.

"This is my boyfriend, Blaine, by the way," said Kurt, snaking an arm around Blaine's waist. Blaine just nodded curtly and David did the same.

I definitely do not ever want to cross him, thought David. The look in Blaine's eyes was enough to kill.

He followed Kurt and Blaine into the living room and sat down on one of the couches. Kurt and Blaine sat across from him, Kurt subtly reaching for his boyfriend's hand and settling back into the cushions.

There were a few moments of silence before David decided to finally just open his mouth and start saying the things he's been running through his mind ever since he started therapy all those months ago.

"Kurt I…I just. God, I don't even know where to start," he said honestly.

Kurt sat patiently across from him and was that…a look of encouragement on his face?

He took a deep breath and started again. "That day in the locker room was the lowest point in my life and I've done some pretty bad things. I don't know what happened. My whole life I've just followed what my friends did. I picked on kids because they picked on kids. It came to a point where I knew I'd have to be the same as them, or I'd be an outcast. I thought that if I didn't have my friends anymore, I'd have nowhere to go. I didn't want to be left behind. In the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, but it was like I was blinded. I stopped thinking about other people's feelings and I started to focus on how good it made me feel when I put others down. I also felt like nothing could touch me when I was being a bully. If I was the one who was doing the bullying, it meant that no one could bully me. "

"When we got older, words like gay or fag suddenly had actual meaning and the power to hurt. When word got around that you were gay, it was like a switched flipped. Everything we did to you was about being gay and I never realized how much it could hurt. I still don't realize it. I admitted to myself that I was gay when I was 14 and I was changing in the locker room after the first football practice I had ever been to and…"

He trailed off and looked up at Kurt and Blaine, who were both smiling a little. David realized that was the first time he ever alluded to himself being gay to someone other than his parents or his therapist.

"Um, yeah so...after you came out I knew I'd never have a chance in hell of coming out and being accepted. So, I protected myself. I knew that if I went along with my friends and kept quiet, no one would ever know that I was gay. I even kissed a few girls, which was really not fun at all."

Kurt and Blaine both burst out laughing across from him. He must have looked shocked because Kurt immediately started to explain.

"I'm sorry! We're not laughing at you, I swear. Both Blaine and I have kissed girls and we know exactly what you're talking about."

"At least their lipgloss tastes kind of nice," Blaine mumbled quietly.

Kurt smiled at his boyfriend and nodded. "Brittany's tasted like root beer," he said.

"Wait!" said David, "You kissed Brittany?"

"I did. I was trying to convince my dad I was straight so I could fit in with him and Finn, but it didn't quite work out," he replied.

"Oh. Right…well. Anyways, as we continued through high school I noticed that you were getting more and more confident. You fought back, joined Glee. Your comebacks were flawless. You did not give a fuck about what people thought about you, no matter how many times we slushied you, or threw you into dumpsters and called you names. You seemed so comfortable with yourself and I was just so jealous of that. I really was. I wanted to be out and proud, just like you. But I knew I'd never have a chance here in high school and I was so scared. Plus, when I overheard Finn talking about your new boyfriend, I was just so angry. I just wanted to be like you and it seemed so unfair that you had a chance to be happy, while I had to stay completely miserable."

Kurt and Blaine sat silently across from him, looking thoughtful.

"So I just really wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything and I honestly wish I could take it all back. Ever since the incident in the locker room, I've been beating myself up and feeling so guilty about it. I'm sorry, Kurt. I really am."


"I accept your apology, David. And I forgive you," said Kurt.

"Wait, what?" David exclaimed. "You…you actually forgive me? For everything I did to you."

"David, while it may take me a long time to forget everything that's happened in the last couple of years, I don't exactly hold a grudge against you anymore. Obviously you have to guts to come to my house and apologize to me personally. That's huge. I would have never in a million years expected this from you, and I frankly I think it's outstanding. I know how hard and terrifying it is to realize that you're different from everyone else because of who you are attracted to. Until I met Blaine, I didn't know what it was like to be truly happy. I didn't know what it was like to be able to have someone in my life, who knew exactly what I was feeling, someone I could relate to. I know that it's kind of clichéd, but it truly does get better. It does. You've been through just as much crap as I have, but in a different kind of way. If anything, you had it worse, because you were fighting with yourself this whole time. I knew I couldn't be anyone but myself, but you…you were hiding who you really were and I can't hold that against you. It's honestly such a waste of energy to focus on the bad things in life. And yes, while I was upset and shaken for a while after you kissed me, I got over it. I focused on the people who I love and who love me back, my hobbies and my schoolwork. I realized that there was no use focussing on the bad, when I have so many good things surrounding me and I really think you need to start realizing that as well."

"I think I'll get there eventually, you know? But it might take a while," said David, looking down at his shoes.

"And that's okay. You don't have to rush anything. Take time to figure out who you really are. You've already taken one big step towards getting better, right? You'll be fine."

"Thanks, Kurt," said David, sheepishly. "It means a lot."

"Same goes for your apology. I really appreciate that you did this, David."

They smiled at each other across the room for a moment, before Kurt realized Blaine was squeezing his hand. Blaine leaned over and whispered, "You're amazing", in his ear before David started to speak again.

"I guess that's all I really wanted to say. So I guess I'll get going," said David. He stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"David! Wait!" David stopped in the middle of the room and turned towards Kurt.

"Dalton has a PFLAG group that meets with the groups in Lima and in Westerville once a month to do something fun. We're doing lazer tag and going out for pizza this month. You should come. You could bring your parents, if you want. Blaine and I are going with our parents and some of our friends. It should be a good time. I think you'll have fun."

"I-I'll think about it," David stammered, seemingly shocked. "Thanks."

"I'll get your number from Finn and text you the details closer to the date, if that's okay?" asked Kurt.

"Sure," he nodded. "I'll see you guys later," he said before he walked out the door.

"Did that actually just happen, Blaine?" Kurt asked breathlessly.

"It did, babe."

"Holy. Shit."

"I know."

"He actually apologized."


"And it was sincere."

"It was."

"Wow…I can't believe this. We should celebrate!" Kurt exclaimed, jumping up and down a little.

"Yes! Definitely! We should definitely celebrate!"

"We should make cupcakes, Blaine! Maybe we can even stick a candle in one of them and make a wish!"

Kurt laughed when he noticed Blaine trying to cover up his disappointment.

"Blaine, Finn is home. We can't celebrate that way."

"I know," Blaine pouted.

Kurt kissed his cheek. "Maybe later," he whispered into his ear.

"I'm holding you to that, Mr. Hummel."

"Blaine, don't I always keep my promises?" he called out, skipping into the kitchen.

Blaine shook his head. "Kurt Hummel, I swear you are the most interesting kid in all of Ohio," he mumbled under his breath before he followed Kurt into the kitchen.

Author's Note

OH MY GOD IT'S OVER! I can't even believe this! I also can't believe I finished this chapter all in one night. I did not even think I would get any writing done at all today! Anyways, I know I might get some unpopular opinions about the ending and that's fine! I really don't like how they handled the redemption of sort in the show, so I thought I would put my own spin on it.

I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck by me with this fic since I started to write it. I love reading all of the reviews and I really appreciate hearing your thoughts! It's been a long ride (and I apologize for my slow updating skills), but it's been a great one indeed!

I have a few ideas for some fics in this 'verse and not in this 'verse coming up, so stay tuned! Nursing is kind of sucking up all of my time and energy so my inspiration is a little flat. But give me some time and I promise I shall return to you soon! And by all means please come and say hello to me on tumblr, I'm always on that website! My URL is rnstudentandagleek.


Don't Push Me 10/11

Title: Don't Push Me
Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Never Been Kissed (2x06), Most of the second half of Season 2.
Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of bullying and violence. Non-con in relation to the scene in chapter one.
Word Count: 3,600 ish
Summary: What would happen if the confrontation in Never Been Kissed happened when Blaine and Kurt had already gotten together? Through different perspectives, see how Kurt, his family, friends and boyfriend all deal with the event that shook him to his core.
In this Chapter: We see what's been happening in Kurt's life during his time at Dalton. Karofsky asks Finn for his help with something. Kurt makes a big decision with the help of Blaine. 
Author's Note: This story is based in the same 'verse as my story, A Broken Fall, which I highly suggest you read first if you want to get a better understanding of Kurt and Blaine's relationship and how they got together in the first place. A Broken Fall and all other stories in this 'verse can be found at my masterlist. 

The next couple of months went as well as could be expected for someone who was practically shoved into an entirely new school with an entirely new curriculum. Kurt, always the top of his classes at McKinley, was doing alright with the new onslaught of academics that Dalton offered. He was pushed into Calculus and Physics, classes that he’d never anticipated taking at McKinley. Kurt was in Blaine’s room for hours every night, begging for Blaine to help him work out the various formulas and math problems. However, Kurt was flourishing in his Art, English Lit and French classes and Kurt had joined the Warblers as promised (He still chuckled as he remembered Wes sprouting a tear or two when he sang his audition song).

                Overall, Kurt didn’t mind Dalton so much. Of course he missed his family and his friends in New Directions, but he felt this unnerving kind of calm at Dalton. He stopped flinching every time he heard a locker door slam in the locker room after gym class and he was almost overwhelmed with the sheer amount of friendly faces he encountered every day. Boys from practically every grade had introduced themselves to him; once they found out he was a new student and Blaine’s boyfriend. Many of the other boys who lived on the same floor as him frequently knocked on his door asking for fashion advice for their upcoming dates with their boyfriends and girlfriends, or asked him for help on their French homework.

                All in all, Kurt adjusted well to Dalton. He enjoyed seeing his boyfriend every day and his friendship with Jeff was one of the best he’s ever had. The only that thing he wasn’t happy about was the fact that New Directions had seemed stronger than ever as a group since he’d left. Both Glee clubs had been gearing up for Regionals. The presence of a council instead of a group leader was refreshing, but also disappointing. Kurt never knew how to please the council members and he somehow managed to consistently pick the wrong song to audition with. He had refused Blaine’s help, trying to gain a solo on his own by injecting his vibrant personality into all of his performances. After every rejection, Kurt tried to keep strong and remember that life was going to be full of rejections, but he still managed to find himself in Blaine’s arms at the end of the day, trying not to cry.  Blaine personally approached the council and begged them to tell him why he had beat out his boyfriend once again in the audition for a solo. He couldn’t understand why someone with such a beautiful and unique voice and personality continued to be rejected to the point where he was practically stony at each rehearsal. The council simple explained that Kurt’s personality was too big for the a cappella group. Yes, he had an amazing voice and fantastic stage presence, but the council was worried that he wouldn’t mesh well as part of the group.

                Blaine had come to him after and relayed where the thinking behind the council’s decision was coming from. Kurt’s reaction was pure silence. Blaine was worried, until Kurt exclaimed that he simply would try his best at being a team player. And he did, until the decision for the Regionals solos were being decided. Kurt couldn’t help but scream in frustration when the council decided that Blaine would be the perfect person to bring them to Regionals and refused to hold auditions for the coveted spot on the stage. But then came a shock that no one expected. Blaine refuted his solo and requested that the 11 o’clock number be turned into a duet…with Kurt.

                The room went abuzz immediately at Blaine’s request. Kurt swore his heart stopped beating. The council conversed for a moment before asking the members of the group to vote in favour of Kurt singing with Blaine for Regionals. Barely a second passed before every single member of the group held up a hand in the air, voting in favour of a duet.

                Kurt almost cried he was so happy.

                Blaine decided on singing, “Candles” by Hey Monday and they practiced constantly for a week straight before the competition. Try as they might, the Warblers placed second and New Directions were headed to New York for Nationals in May.


“So, Kurt, how’s everything at Dalton? You haven’t talked about it much since we saw you at Regionals,” Mercedes pointed out.

                Blaine had finally convinced Kurt to come home to Lima this weekend after staying at the school for the past two weekends in a row. While Kurt hadn’t said much about it, Blaine knew he was still upset about losing at Regionals. Performing at Nationals in New York had been Kurt’s dream until he was forced to transfer to Dalton and Blaine knew it would be hard for Kurt to be around all of his friends when he was sure that all they would be talking about would be their trip to New York.

                “It’s fine,” said Kurt, pausing to take a sip of his non-fat mocha. “I’m really enjoying the art class I’m taking. The teacher has worked in the fashion industry and she’s been encouraging me to create some design sketches that I’ve had stuck in my head for a while. She’s pretty liberal about the material that she marks, so it’s a great opportunity to work on my portfolio and boost my grade,” said Kurt.

                Blaine noticed the way Kurt’s posture straightened and his eyes brightened a little as Kurt talked about his art class. While Kurt had always had a passion for fashion, he’d never considered going into fashion as a career because of his love for performing. While Kurt hadn’t said it in so many words, he knew that the art teacher had opened his eyes to other avenues and Blaine was happy that Kurt was enjoying the class so much.

                “Oh that reminds me! We wanted to ask you for your opinion on the costumes for Nationals,” Rachel cut in. Blaine noticed Kurt’s shoulders sink immediately and the smile wipe off his face. Neither Mercedes, Rachel or Tina noticed the change in Kurt’s body language and immediately began to barrage Kurt with costume ideas for the upcoming competition. It took a few moments for Kurt to shake off the negative feelings towards the trip to New York before he was taking a sketchpad and his pencil case out from his bag. Blaine sat back and watched Kurt sketch a quick model wearing a cocktail dress, adding embellishments and accessories as he went. Blaine was glad that the girls had distracted him somewhat. He knew it was a matter of time before the girls started to talk about New York and sightseeing and he was prepared to be there for Kurt when he was undoubtedly upset later on tonight. But for now, Blaine was content to sit next to his boyfriend and watch him in his element.


                “Hudson, can I talk to you for a minute?”

                Finn slammed the locker door shut, the sound resonating through the empty locker room. Gym class had ended a while ago and Finn thought he was the last person in the room, until now.

                “What do you want Karofsky?” he asked angrily. Finn had avoided Karofsky ever since the incident with Kurt. It had been months since Kurt had transferred to Dalton, but McKinley still wasn’t the same without his brother around. At first, Finn basically had to turn around and walk in the opposite direction once he saw Karofsky in the halls because he knew his anger would snap and he’s have Karofsky by his neck against the locker.

                “I need your help with something,” he replied, eyes casted downwards.

                “What could you possibly need from me?” Finn scoffed.

                “I want to apologize to Kurt,” Karfosky said quietly.

                Finn let out a laugh of disbelief. “You want to apologize to Kurt? Are you serious? Do you really think that Kurt is willing to hear an apology from you? You bullied him for years! You attacked him! You kissed him against his will! You forced him to change schools because he was terrified to be around you! It’s been months and you want to apologize to him?

                “Hudson, can you just stop for a minute and listen to me please?” he asked. “After I…uh…kissed Kurt, I was so angry at myself. Pushing him around and calling him names never really affected me, but that kiss made it personal. And it killed me inside because I knew I’d finally broken him. Hummel’s always been so proud of himself. It seemed like nothing ever hurt him, no matter how hard I pushed him around. After I kissed him I knew I hit my lowest point, so I got help. I came out to my parents and we went to see Miss Pillsbury, who referred me to a therapist. After all these months I still feel horribly guilty about it and my therapist thinks that apologizing to Kurt would, further my recovery or something.”

                “Why did you even do it in the first place?” Finn asked, crossing his arms against his chest.

                “I was scared. I was having all these feelings and I didn’t know where they were coming from. It took me a long time to figure out I was gay and I was absolutely terrified. I was so jealous of Kurt, because he was so out and proud. I wanted that for myself, but I knew that my friends and family would never accept me. I just…wanted to be like him. And maybe I had a little bit of a crush, I don’t know.”

                “Well why didn’t you just tell him that?” asked Finn, sending a calculating look.

                “Who are you trying to kid, Hudson? He wouldn’t have listened to me in a million years.”

                “So what makes you think he’s going to listen to you now?”

                “I was wondering if you could help me do it. You’re a decent guy, Hudson. I know you care about Kurt a lot. I swear I’m not doing it to hurt him. I know it won’t be much, but I know it’s the right thing to do.”

                “Look, I appreciate that you’re getting help now and that you are trying to be a better person, but it can’t just erase everything you’ve done,” said Finn.

                Karofsky sighed loudly and thread his fingers through his hair out of frustration.

                “Don’t you think I know that, Hudson? I’m trying to get better. I know I can’t erase everything I’ve ever done, but doesn’t trying to be a better person count for something? I finally feel like I can figure myself out and I know that apologizing to Kurt is going to be the biggest step to getting there.”

                The way that Karofsky was looking a Finn, well…it almost looked like he was pleading with him. Finn didn’t understand much about therapy, but he figured that it must be doing some good seeing as Karofsky was taking this huge step. Finn’s known the boy for years, ever since elementary school football and the person who is standing in front of him today is not the same person.

                “Okay, I’ll talk to Kurt tonight and I’ll text you later, alright? But just so you know, there’s no way in hell I’m letting you go apologize to him on your own. I’m coming with you. Also, Kurt’s boyfriend will probably want to sit in, unless Kurt can deal with this on his own, so you should prepare yourself for that.”

                Karofsky nodded. “Thanks, Hudson. I really appreciate it.”

                Finn just nodded in response and turned towards his locker, gathering his things and preparing to go home. He heard Karofsky leave the locker room and he intentionally banging his forehead on the metal door of this locker.

                What have I gotten myself into?


                Kurt was filling out a worksheet for his French class when his phone started to vibrate next to him, alerting a call from his step-brother.

                “Hi Finn!” he said as he answered. “What’s up?”

                “Hey man…listen. I have something I need to talk to you about. Are you busy?”

                “No…”said Kurt. “What do you want to talk about?”

                He heard Finn take a deep breath on the other end of the line. “I talked to Karofsky today.”

                Kurt immediately sat up straighter in his chair, his heart hammering in panic. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

                “No, Kurt. It was nothing like that, I promise,” Finn reassured.

                “Okay, so then why were you talking to him then?” asked Kurt.

                “He needs my help,” Finn answered.

                “What for?”

                “He wants to apologize to you about everything and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it if he didn’t talk to me first,” said Finn.

                “Why the hell would Karofsky want to apologize to me? He’s never wanted to do it before,” Kurt asked angrily. This was fucking unbelievable. Karofsky tortured him for years and now he wants to apologize? When he’s two hours away at a boarding school he was practically forced to go to?

                “Kurt, listen. I knew you would react this way. Trust me, I reacted the same way when he told me this. But you have to trust me when I say he was being completely sincere. Apparently he was just scared because he hadn’t figured out that he was gay. That’s why he always bullied you. He didn’t like that you were so out and proud. He was confused and scared. I mean, it’s no excuse. But even he admits that he hit a low point when he attacked you like that. He’s been seeing a therapist and stuff. I really do think he’s changed, Kurt. He’s not the same guy he was before.”

                “So, you’re saying he’s actually gotten help?”

                “Yeah, apparently he came out to his parents and they went to go see Miss Pillsbury together and she referred him to a therapist and everything…”

                “HE CAME OUT?” Kurt shouted into the phone. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

                “Jeez, Kurt. Calm down. He said he came out to his parents, but I don’t know if he came out to anyone else.”

                “That’s a huge step…he really must have changed…” said Kurt.

                “Kurt, I’ve known Karofsky since we were little kids. Trust me. He’s changed. Maybe not completely, but…I really think he’s working towards becoming a better person.”

                “Wow…that’s…wow. I don’t even know what to say except for I never expected this from him,” said Kurt.

                “If you want to go through with it, man, I’ll come with him. I promise.”

                “Finn, I’m hardly sure I’ll need a body guard. But, I think it would be comforting none-the-less. So, thank you.”

                “So, do you think you’re going to do it?”

                “I think so, Finn. I’ll probably discuss it with Blaine first, but I think I will. I mean obviously he’s going out of his way to apologize to me. That has to mean something.”

                “Okay, bro. Text me after you talk to Blaine, okay? And we’ll set something up?”

                “Sure, Finn. I’ll talk to you later.”

                Kurt set his phone down on the desk and exhaled loudly. Kurt knew that this was going to be a tricky situation, especially when he told Blaine. Blaine was so protective of Kurt; it was going to take a lot of convincing and persuasion to make Blaine feel comfortable with the situation. Kurt knew he could just go right ahead and meet up with Karofsky, but he’d feel horrible keeping it from Blaine.

                Kurt picked his phone up off the desk and started typing out a message to his boyfriend.

Kurt: Hi! Are you busy right now?

Blaine: Just playing video games with Nick and Jeff. What’s up?

Kurt: Can you come over here? I want to talk to you about something.

Blaine: Absolutely! I’ll be there in a minute. <3

Kurt: <3

                Less than a minute had passed when he heard Blaine’s voice calling out a goodbye to his friends down the hall from his open doorway. Kurt laughed when he heard footsteps pounding loudly in the hallway. He counted seven before Blaine appeared in the doorway with a joyous smile on his face.

                “Hi!” Blaine called out a little breathlessly.

                “Did you just skip down the hall?” Kurt asked, smiling widely.

                “How did you know?” Blaine asked, his nose scrunching up in confusion.

                “I only counted seven, very loud footsteps from the moment you called goodbye to the boys and the moment you appeared in my doorway,” said Kurt.

                “Well aren’t you my little detective?” said Blaine. He walked into the room and paused in front of Kurt. He leant down and pressed a soft kiss to Kurt’s lips. Before Blaine started to kiss him into completely distraction, Kurt pulled away and stood up. Blaine made a small noise of dissent as Kurt guided Blaine to sit down on the bed, while Kurt sat back down in the desk chair and spinning it so he was facing his boyfriend.

                “So what did you want to talk about?” asked Blaine.

                “I just got off the phone with Finn and apparently he and Karofsky just had a nice little conversation after gym class today.”

                “What? Why was Finn talking to Karofsky?” asked Blaine, eyes wide in shock. “They didn’t fight or anything did they? He’s not hurt?”

                “Blaine, calm down. He’s fine,” Kurt reassured. “Karofsky approached him because he wants to apologize to me.”

                “That doesn’t even make any sense. Why would he want to do that? He’s never wanted to apologize to you before!” Blaine exclaimed.

                “I know, that’s what I said. But apparently after the…you know…incident, he realized that what he did was really wrong. I guess he felt so guilty about the whole thing that he sought out help,” Kurt explained. “He came out to his parents and they forced him to go see the guidance counsellor at McKinley. She referred him to a therapist and he’s been seeing her for months.”

                “Wow, that’s unbelievable. I can’t believe he actually came out though,” said Blaine. “I mean, I really wouldn’t have expected that from him. I figured he’d be one of those guys who denies it until they are married with children and get tired of watching gay porn to get off.”

                Kurt snorted. “Blaine, you sound so much like Santana right now.”

                “Do I now? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Should she be notified?”

                Kurt laughed and smacked Blaine’s shoulder playfully. “Stop being a goofball, this is a serious discussion.”

                “Right, of course,” said Blaine. His goofy expression immediately turned into one of stony silence.

                Kurt laughed again and leaned over to give Blaine a quick kiss. “You don’t have to be that serious,” he mumbled against Blaine’s lips.

                “No?” asked Blaine, his eyebrow raised dramatically. “Are you sure?” Blaine was just about to press his lips against Kurt’s when suddenly Kurt’s palm was pressed against his mouth and Kurt was leaning away with a smirk across his face.

                “No more kissing until we are finished discussing the issue, alright?”

                Blaine licked his palm in response. Kurt whipped it away in response.

                “BLAINE! Gross!”

                Blaine just sat there adorably, laughing under his breath.

                “Kurt Hummel, there is going to be a point in time when I’m sure you’ll be enjoying things like that instead of being grossed out by them,” he said.

                Kurt ignored the incoming flush of his cheeks and started up the discussion one again.

                “So, anyways…Blaine,” Kurt shot an annoyed look at Blaine, who was still giggling under his breath. “Karofsky wants to meet up and apologize to me personally. His therapist thinks that apologizing to me is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome in his therapy or something.”

                “Are you actually going to do it though, Kurt?”

                “Yeah, I think so. It’s for a good reason. It’s not like he’s going to try and beat me up or anything. Obviously he’s trying to make the effort to be a better person and who am I to be the roadblock in that situation. To be frank, I’d love to hear an apology. No, it’s not going to fix everything, but it’ll be something.”

                “Are you sure?”

                “Yes, Blaine, I’m sure.”

                “Well, as much as I don’t like the situation, I’m proud of you. I think this is really brave of you, baby.” Blaine reached over and gave Kurt’s hand a squeeze.

                “Thanks,” said Kurt, softly. “Are you going to come with me? I’ll probably just tell Finn to invite Karofsky to our house this weekend. You and Finn can listen protectively in the kitchen while we talk in the living room or something.”

                “Of course I’m going to come, Kurt! Plus I believe it’s my turn to make plans for Date night. I’ll make it extra, super special this weekend, just because.”

                “You’re adorable. But thank you for being so supportive, Blaine. I wasn’t really sure how you would react.”

                “Did I surprise you?”

                “You always surprise me,” said Kurt, fondly. “Now, come on. I believe I promised some kissing?”

                “Yes, yes you did,” said Blaine.

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

Author’s Note

(I apologize for the lack of kissing. I just cannot write kisses well at all so…yeah. Sorry!)

IT’S FINISHED. Well, this chapter anyways. Cue me flailing in frustration. I was all set to finish this thing during the Christmas break. NOPE. Writer’s block had other plans. No matter, it is done and posted now, HUZZAH! One more chapter left, my dears. Thank you for sticking with me for so long! I very much appreciate it and I love all of you! Hopefully it won’t take me as long to write Chapter 11, but, I am always proved wrong. So...you’ll see me whenever you see me, I guess. Feel free to send me your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you!

Fic: Underneath the Christmas Wrapping

Title: Underneath the Christmas Wrapping
Author: truthaboutglee
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Summary: Kurt and Blaine exchange Christmas gifts. Blaine has trouble wrapping Kurt's gift, but he figures it won't matter once the paper is torn away.
Author's Note: This may or may not be set in my A Broken Fall 'verse. It doesn't really fit in the timeline for other events I have planned, so take it as a grain of salt. Blaine's parents are the same and Kurt and Blaine are both seniors. That's about it.

Blaine was struggling. He was attempting to wrap Kurt’s Christmas gift and the corners of the wrapping paper looked absolutely hideous. Ever since he was old enough to buy his own presents, Blaine had been horrible at wrapping gifts. Instead of sharp corners and crisp lines of festive paper, the corners looked crumpled and the edges looked crooked. Although, he was pretty skilled at getting the ribbon lined up just right, aiming the criss-cross for the centre of the wrapped gift.

I should just stick with gift bags and tissue paper, he thought to himself, eyeing the wrapped box in front of him. He sighed and decided to leave the box as it was. He stuck a shining silver bow on the cross of his perfectly positioned ribbon and went to pick out a gift tag for the top of the box. His mother was quite the gift-wrapping perfectionist and every year she tended to take over one of the guest bedrooms as her wrapping room. She had containers full of rolls of wrapping paper, bows and accompanying ribbon in every colour under the rainbow. She had stacks of plain white boxes in every size (for clothes and such) and every kind of gift tag you could imagine. Blaine shuffled through the sheets of stickers and decided on one with a cute snowman on it. He peeled the sticker off and stuck it onto the box. He quickly scribbled Kurt’s name as the recipient. He considered the gift tag for a moment and decided that the “From:_________” portion of the tag wasn’t really appropriate. He crossed it out and wrote “Love” above it and wrote his name next to it.

As soon as he finished wrapping the gift, the doorbell rang. His heart rate picked up a bit in excitement. It was December 27th and he and Kurt haven’t seen each other since school had finished on December 23rd because of family obligations and Boxing Day shopping. They had decided to meet at Blaine’s house a few days after Christmas because they knew they would be able to have some quality alone time together. Blaine’s father had, yet again, jetted off to Asia to complete a business deal and Blaine tried to be disappointed, but he couldn’t really find it in himself to care that his father had left right after Christmas. Blaine’s relationship with his father created a distinct tension within the household. Most of the time, Blaine would remain in his bedroom, or escape to Kurt’s house when he was home for the holidays. While he and his father didn’t necessarily argue; there was always an air of disapproval whenever Blaine discussed Glee Club, or fashion, or what he did with Kurt on their date last weekend.

His mother, on the other hand, absolutely adored Kurt. His mother was born and raised in England and had frequented shows on the West End ever since she was a little girl. She also had a special place in her heart for British-born fashion, like Burberry and McQueen. Blaine’s mother was a highly trained pediatric surgeon and her salary allowed her to order pieces from all of the designers that Kurt loved. Every time Kurt came over, they’d fawn over each other’s clothing like two girlfriends. It was adorable.
Blaine rushed down the stairs to greet his boyfriend, who was currently chatting happily with his mother. A large gift bag had been placed on the table next to the coat closet and Kurt’s signature white Docs were sitting on the shoe mat by the door. Blaine snuck a peek at Kurt’s feet and spied the silly Santa patterned socks that Blaine had snuck into his school bag the day that school finished before winter break. Kurt was wearing a navy blazer with a faint checked pattern with a black turtleneck underneath and a pair of worn looking, straight leg jeans (a departure from his normal skinny jean). A silver pin was pinned to his lapel and he was wearing fingerless gloves (which Blaine assumed for more for fashion, than warmth, as he didn’t leave them with his coat in the closet). Kurt’s cheeks were flushed pink with the chill in the air and his hair was swept up flawlessly as per usual.

“Hi, Kurt!” he called out, reaching the end of the stair.

Kurt’s eyes brightened tenfold at the sight of his boyfriend. Blaine has dressed in one of his softest cashmere cardigans (navy) with a red-striped button up and jeans. He wanted to be comfortable and as much as he tried to deny it, Blaine swore Kurt loved seeing him in a rich, navy blue.

“Hi, Blaine!” Kurt opened his arms wide and Blaine stepped into them quickly, wrapping himself around Kurt’s body.

“I missed you so much,” Blaine mumbled into Kurt’s collar.

Kurt gave him a tight squeeze. “I missed you too, but it’s only been less than a week!”

“Still,” Blaine replied. “I missed you.”

“I know.” Kurt pulled away from the embrace to place a soft kiss on Blaine’s lips.

Blaine pulled away, shortening the kiss. Kurt made a small noise of disagreement.

“Don’t worry, we can go up to my room later,” Blaine whispered into Kurt’s ear. Kurt smiled and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan,” he said. “Let’s go open presents now, shall we?”

“Yes! I’m so excited to give you yours! Let’s go in the living room. My mom has a present for you, as well.”

“What? She didn’t have to do that!” Kurt exclaimed.

“Oh, darling. Please. I saw it in a shop and I couldn’t resist,” said Blaine’s mother, as she followed the boys into the living room. She picked up a beautifully wrapped box from under the tree and handed it to Kurt.

“Go ahead and open it, dear.”

Blaine and Kurt had been dating for almost a year now, but somehow they had never opened any kind of wrapped gift together.
Blaine had expected Kurt to be one of those people who meticulously unwrapped presents, making sure to conserve the paper and bows and refraining from ripping, tearing and crumpling. Instead, Kurt went towards his gift like a five year old. He completely blew away all of Blaine’s expectations, by tearing the paper to pieces. Underneath the wrapping was a thin black box, with BURBERRY printed across the top in gold letters.

“No…” Kurt breathed, his eyes wide in shock. Blaine laughed at the sight of his boyfriend realizing that his mother had bought him a real piece from the actual designer. Kurt had been caught many times admiring his mother’s Burberry trench coat, sunglasses and purses. His mother had recently been in Columbus for work and had spotted the Burberry store in one of the high-end malls. She texted Blaine and asked him if getting Kurt a scarf from the store would be a good idea and he agreed whole heartedly that

Kurt would love it.

Blaine nudged Kurt a little with his elbow, encouraging him silently to open the box. Kurt lifted the lid and gasped. Inside the box was a cashmere scarf, with Burberry’s signature checked print, but with a bigger pattern.

“This is beautiful,” Kurt exclaimed, taking the scarf out of the box and running it through his fingers. “Thank you so much, Dr. Anderson.”

“Kurt, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Sara,” his mother chastised playfully.

“Right, of course. I think there’s always just a subconscious though in the back of my mind that I must address everyone by their rightful titles and not their first names. Blaine does it with my dad.”

“Yeah, because he’s terrifying,” Blaine mumbled under his breath.

“Oh, shush, you. My dad is a teddy bear. And he loves you,” says Kurt. “Now, open my present! Come on!”

Blaine laughed and reached for the gift bag that Kurt had brought with him. He removed the layers of tissue paper and found a few small wrapped gifts inside the bag.

“Which one should I start with, Kurt? Any preference?” Blaine asked.

“Hmm…open this one,” Kurt said, picking out a thin, square package. Blaine ripped the paper off and realized he was holding a copy of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream CD. On the cover, it said:
To Blaine,
Thanks for being such a great fan!
Love, Katy Perry

“Did he stop breathing?” asked Kurt jokingly.

“It’s alright, I know CPR,” said Sara, laughing.

“Kurt,” Blaine asked slowly. “How did you get me a personalized, signed Katy Perry CD?”

“I won a contest online,” said Kurt. “I was trying to get you just a regular signed copy of her CD, when I spotted a contest. All I had to do was write a quick story about how her music has affected your life and I won!”

“What did you write?” asked Blaine curiously.

“Oh…just the story of how you decided to serenade a complete stranger with Teenage Dream with the help of an all-boys a cappella group. And then that eventually lead to that stranger being your best friend and eventual love of your life,” Kurt said, rolling his eyes and smiling fondly.

“This is amazing, Kurt! Thank you!” Blaine leaned over and kissed Kurt quickly.

“You’re welcome! You still have a few things, though,” said Kurt, gesturing towards the gift bag.

Blaine unwrapped a package of his favourite chocolate truffles, a small bottle of the cologne he had been running out of (that Kurt absolutely loved to smell on him) and a pair of socks with penguins on it.

“Penguin socks, Kurt?” Blaine smiled deviously over at Kurt, who winked at him. They both knew it was a jab at Kurt’s “Baby penguin” phase, which was completely eradicated when they lost their virginities to each other.

“Yes, Blaine. Penguin socks,” Kurt said, keeping a straight face.

“Do I even want to know?” Blaine’s mom asked.

“Inside joke mom, don’t worry,” said Blaine, looking over at Kurt, who was having trouble keeping his face in a normal expression.

Blaine got up from the couch to fetch his horribly wrapped gift for Kurt.

“This is light for such a big box,” said Kurt as Blaine passed him the gift.

“You’ll see!” said Blaine.

Kurt contemplated the gift wrapping for a moment. “Nice effort with the wrapping, sweetheart.”

“I tried, okay? Plus, it’s what’s underneath the wrapping that counts.”

Kurt began to rip the paper that Blaine tried so hard to make presentable. It was a matter of seconds before Kurt unearthed the plain white box that Blaine had placed Kurt’s gift in. Kurt opened the box and frowned when he was present with copious amounts of packing peanuts.

Kurt looked over at Blaine with his brow furrowed.

“You have to dig for it,” said Blaine encouragingly.

“This is silly, Blaine,” Kurt said. “I can’t find anything in this mess. Can you give me a hint?”

Before Blaine could tell him, Kurt finally unearthed the envelope that Blaine had placed in the box.

“Blaine, why did you go through all the trouble to give me an envelope?” Kurt said, laughing at Blaine fondly.

“Kurt, opening envelopes are boring. Unwrapping big boxes is fun.”

Kurt shook his head and opened the envelope, taking two tickets out of it and holding them in his hand. It took a moment for Kurt to read the tickets and figure out what they were for.


“Yeah, sweetie?”

“Are you aware that these tickets for Wicked are at the Gershwin Theatre?” asked Kurt. “And that they are dated for December 30th?”

“Yes, Kurt, I am.” Kurt face was getting increasingly paler as he processed this information.

“Blaine, how are you planning to get us to New York to see this show?”

“I have a very important medical conference that week. Myself, Blaine’s father, your father and Blaine have been discussing it for at least a month. We’ll be using most of Blaine’s father’s travel points to pay for plane tickets in full and the conference, with much persuasion, is paying for two hotel rooms at the Ritz for us.”

“Are you serious?” asked Kurt. He was speaking so slowly that Blaine feared he might faint.

“Yes,” both he and his mother said.

“We’re going to New York.”

“Yes. And seeing Wicked on stage. And hopefully touring the schools we applied to. And going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve,” said Blaine.

Kurt whipped his head around to face Blaine, “NEW YEAR’S EVE? IN TIMES SQUARE? ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

“Yes, Kurt. I’m completely serious.”


Before Blaine could even register what was happening, he had an armful of his boyfriend and soft lips pressed strongly to his own. They kissed for a moment before Kurt leapt away from the embrace and raced across the room to hug Blaine’s mom. He was jumping and letting out little squeals of joy. Both he and Blaine had huge smiles across their faces.
Kurt had taken his phone out of his pocket and was having a lively conversation with his dad, confirming that the trip was all planned and paid for.

Blaine watched his boyfriend, amusedly. He went over to his mother and leaned down to her ear level. “Do we have any tranquilizers in the medicine cabinet upstairs? I’m actually afraid for his safety right now,” whispered Blaine into her ear.

“Shush, Blaine. Those are supposed to be a secret,” she said, laughing quietly.

Kurt got off the phone with his dad and practically tackled Blaine once again with a hug.

“I hope you didn’t spend too much money,” Kurt said softly.

“I got a good deal, I promise. Plus, the money doesn’t matter, Kurt. I just want to make you happy.”

“You always make me happy, Blaine. I don’t need fancy presents. I just need you,” said Kurt. “Although the trip to New York is a nice touch.”

“Agreed. Same with the signed Katy Perry CD.”

“I love you so much, Blaine. I’m glad this was our first Christmas together.”

“Me too, baby.”

“Be prepared though,” said Kurt.

“What for?”

“It’s going to take a lot to top this one next Christmas,” said Kurt.

Blaine’s mom almost fell off her chair, she was laughing so hard.

Author’s Note

Somehow a story about Blaine getting Kurt drunk on eggnog with rum turned into this. There’s not even any eggnog! I wrote this is in the midst of the gift wrapping I was doing yesterday. Blaine’s mom is my mom, except my mom is less organized. My brother’s old bedroom/guest room is now wrapping paper central. I am Blaine in this story. I am horrible at wrapping gifts. I try my best. I used to be a lot better at it when I was a child and my mom got me to help. I don’t know what happened. I was trying to write this so that Blaine’s didn’t seem like he was spending like, thousands of dollars on Kurt, so I hope it seemed like it. I know it seems pretty extravagant of a gift, but it makes for a good fic, right? And before anyone asks, no, I probably won’t write them going to NYC and such because I would fail horribly at it. I’ve never been to NYC, so my efforts would be futile. Also, I haven’t touched chapter 10 of Don’t Push Me yet. It’s giving me some trouble. Be patient with me. I love all of you for reading and reviewing! I hope you have a lovely holiday with your friends and family! Much love! :)